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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Refining Monthly Report-May’2011
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Index: SZ China Refining Monthly Report-May’2011

Editorial: Off-Season Electricity Shortage Push Oil Shortage In 3QChina Refining Monthly Report-May’2011Please see ’’’’ for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry.1 China Refining Topic News1.1 China April Oil Demand 3rd Highest Ever, Growth Rate Slips1.2 China Produces 16.96-Mil Mt Of Crude In Apr, Down 3.5% On Month1.3 China’s March Oil Demand Stays Robust At 9.2 Mil. Barrels Per Day1.4 Operation Rate Of Major Chinese Refineries Stays At Record-High Level1.5 China Major Refineries May Witness Maintenance Peak In Jul1.6 Sinopec To Continue To Encourage Gasoline, Diesel Production In May1.7 China Massive Upgrade Of Vehicle-Use Diesel To GB III Standard To Kick Off Mid-Jun1.8 Sinopec, PetroChina To Exclusively Supply GB IV Gasoline In Nanjing From Jun 11.9 NE. China Still Ranks As Top Gasoline Producer In Apr1.10 China’s Fuel Oil Output Down 15.34% On Month To 1.49-Mil Mt In Apr1.11 Fuel Oil Supply From S. China Refineries To Slump 23% To 95,000mt In May1.12 China’s Q1 Gasoline Apparent Consumption Rises 8.8% Yoy To 18.46-Mil Mt1.13 China’s Oil Product Stocks Up 450,000mt Yoy In Apr1.14 Sinopec To Supply 734,000mt Of Distillates To SW. China Via Pipeline In May, Up 2.5% On Month1.15 Sinopec Fuel Oil Sales Guangdong Diversifies Inner-Trade Bunker1.16 S. China Commercial Fuel Oil Inventory Down 3% To 1.81-Mil Mt On May 181.17 PetroChina Shanxi Expected To Start 100,000-Cu-M Oil Product Terminal In Jul1.18 PetroChina To Start 54,000-Cu-M Oil Product Terminal In Jiangxi1.19 PetroChina Changchun To Start 100,000-Cu-M Oil Product Terminal End 20111.20 Tianjin Port Ships Out 134,000mt Oil Products In Apr, Plunging 37% On Month1.21 Sinopec Plans To Outsource 2.06-Mil Mt Of Distillates In May, Up 3% On Month1.22 Sinopec’s Base Oil Commercial Supplies Gain Over 300% On Month In May1.23 S. China Gasoline Wholesale Prices Keep Falling On Ample Supply, Soft Demand1.24 China Oil Product Prices May Not Be Hiked As Expected On Hefty Losses In Crude1.25 Sustained Price Rises To Dampen S. China’s Bitumen Demand1.26 China Offshore Bitumen To Boost Bituminous Feedstock Output By 88% In May1.27 China LPG Wholesale Prices Fall Amid Rising Output, Soft Demand1.28 Sinopec To Raise Naphtha Ex-Refinery Price By Yuan 350/Mt In May1.29 PetroChina Lifts May Naphtha Ex-Refinery Price By 4.74%1.30 China Oil Supply-Demand Overview in Apr’2011Jan-Apr’2011 China crude runs & oil products production:Apr’2011 China crude runs & oil products production:China’s Crude Throughput & oil Products Yield Rate in Jan-Apr’2011 (Unit: mil mt):1.31 Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China & E. China over the past three months Curve 1: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.50/113% or /117%Curve 2: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in E. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.50/113% or /117%2     Major Refineries2. 1   Sinopec2.1.1 Sinopec’s Daily Crude Throughput In May2.1.2 S. China - Sinopec Guangdong To Sell 1.25-Mil Mt Of Distillates In May, Down 1% On Month2.1.3 S. China - Sinopec Guangzhou To Refine 15% More Crude Daily In May2.1.4 S.China - Sinopec Guangzhou Delays Completion Of Turnaround To End Apr2.1.5 S. China - Sinopec Maoming To Refine 40,000mt/D Of Crude In May2.1.6 E. China -Sinopec Gaoqiao To Export 2,000mt Of Base Oils In May2.1.7 E. China - Sinopec’s Jinling To Up Crude Runs In May After Repairs2.1.8 E. China – Sinopec Fujian To Hike May Daily Crude Consumption By 13% To 23,000mt2.1.9 Central China - Sinopec Wuhan LPG Output Slumps 28.6% On Delayed Coker Glitch2.1.10 Central China - Sinopec Changling To Keep Crude Throughput Stable At 15,000mt/D In May2.1.11 Central China - Sinopec Luoyang To Trim May Daily Crude Throughput Down 3% To 19,000mt2.1.12 N. China - Sinopec Shijiazhuang To Hike May Daily Crude Consumption By 50% To 12,000mt2.1.13 N. China - Sinopec Shijiazhuang Up LPG Output With FCC Back Into Operation2.1.14 N. China - Sinopec Qilu Expected To See Daily Crude Throughput Down Tad In May2.1.15 N. China - Sinopec Qingdao Refining & Chemical Sees Smooth Barge Sales Of LPG2.1.16 N. China - Sinopec Qingdao Refining & Chemical Daily Crude Throughput Stable At 28,400mt In May2. 2   CNPC (PetroChina)2.2.1 PetroChina’s Q1 Crude Throughput Surges 16.1%, Output Up 4.3%2.2.2 PetroChina To Resume High Crude Throughput In May2.2.3 NE. China - PetroChina Dalian To Shut Down 200,000 Bpd CDU On May 212.2.4 NE. China - PetroChina Dalian To Send 15,000mt Base Oils To Commercial Market In May2.2.5 NE. China - PetroChina Dalian LPG Production Back To Normal2.2.6 NE. China - PetroChina Fushun To Refine 18% More Crude In May2.2.7 NE. China - PetroChina Fushun Shuts 8-Mil Mt/Yr CDU On Apr 212.2.8 NE. China - PetroChina Liaoyang Sets May Crude Throughput Up 20% To 650,000mt2.2.9 N. China - PetroChina Huabei May Crude Throughput Nearly Doubles2.1.10N. China - PetroChina Tianjin To Offer 160,000mt Of Oil Products In May, Down 3% On Month2.2.11 NW. China - PetroChina Lanzhou To Halve Crude Throughput In Jul On Turnaround2.3 CNOOC2.3.1 S. China - CNOOC Huizhou Launches 400,000mt/Yr Group II Base Oil Unit On May 62.4 Independent Refineries2.4.1 The movement of Shandong Independent refineries Apr 21, 2011- May 20, 20112.4.2 The movement of Guangdong Independent refineries Apr 21, 2011- May 20, 20112.5    Other Refineries2.5.1 NW. China - Yanchang Petroleum’s Yongping Refinery Enters Month-Long Turnaround2.6 Main China refineries’ Crude Runs and Run Rates in May’2011               Unit:10kt2.7 Refinery Turnarounds3     Policy, Regulation & Law3.1 China Industry May Feel The Heat From Power Shortages3.2 China Sharpens Axe To Cull "Teapot" Refiners3.3 Taiwan May End China Petrochemical Investment Ban3.4 Three More Companies Granted Oil Product Wholesale Licenses3.5 China To Encourage Production Of Non-Grain Biofuel3.6 China May Introduce Oil, Gas Resource Tax Of Up To 10 Pct4     China Oil Products Import & Export4.1 China Issues Diesel Import Quota For Q2 To Prevent Supply Shortage4.2 China’s Apr Crude Imports Down 0.6% To 21.54-Mil Mt4.3 S. China’s Apr Fuel Oil Imports Down 17% On Month To 230,000-250,000mt4.4 China’s Q1 Gasoline Exports Up 1.65% Yoy To 1.43-Mil Mt4.5 Nanning Customs Exports Gasoline For First Time4.6 Base Oil Import Margins Turn Negative In China Since Early May4.7 Bohai Bay To Stabilize May Fuel Oil Imports At 1.3-1.4-Mil Mt4.8 Malaysia’s Petronas Halts Base Oil Supplies To China In May4.9 Kazakhstan Sells 100,000mt Of Low-Sulfur SRFO For Jun Delivery To China4.10 China Supplies 695,531mt Jet To International Flight In Q1, Up 14% Yoy4.11 China’s LPG Imports Up 11% Yoy To 500,293mt In Q14.12 China’s Q1 Naphtha Exports Plunge 32% To 180,612mt4.13 OIL DATA: Oil Products Imports & Exports in China in Mar’20115     Jan-Apr’2011 China Data5.1    Apr’2011 Crude Oil Production in China      Unit: KMt5.2    Apr’2011 China Refineries on Crude Throughput      Unit: KMt5.3    Apr’2011 China Refineries on Gasoline/Diesel production   Unit: KMt5.4    Apr’2011 China Refineries on Kerosene & Fuel Oil production   Unit: KMt5.5    Apr’2011 China Refineries on LPG & Asphalt production      Unit: KMt5.6    Apr’2011 China Refineries on Lubricating Grease & Solvent Naphtha production      Unit: KMt5.7    Apr’2011 China Refineries on Naphtha & Petroleum Coke production      Unit: KMt5.8    Apr’2011 China Refineries on Ethylene & Pure benzene production      Unit: KMt

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SZ China Refining Monthly Report: Information, Analysis and Forecast of All Active and Planned Refineries in China is a comprehensive report on China’s refining industry. The report provides asset details with in-depth coverage of crude distillation capacity and other major unit capacities of all the refineries in China. Planned refineries and major unit expansions announced by the companies or the government have also been included in this report. This report also gives detailed information on the leading refining companies, including Sinopec, Petrochina and CNOOC, along with highlights of the latest deals and developments in the refining industry in China. The report provides the detailed and complete monthly statistic data which can help you picturize and understand the refineries’ production situation in China. This monthly report will be sent to our subscribers around the mid-month.


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