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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report May 1-15 2011
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Index:China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report

Editorial: Oil Price Fall Influence Natural Gas Market ,Gas Giants Offer The "Olive Branch" To China

In May 5, the international commodity market is tumbled across the board. The price of global oil fall nearly 9%. In New York, oil price fell below 100 U.S.D per barrel. It is hitting the biggest one-day drop in these two years.

The impact of international oil price to China should not be ignored. In earlier, China fuel price raise. This crash eased the further pressure on China fuel price. It is also relieve the pressure on the China inflation.

However, the far-reaching impact of this decline is still limited. The world economy is still in the recovery after the financial crisis. It is not a serious bubble. The major factor to push the oil price, such as United State’s monetary policy is still in the control of the related country. Although China and some new development economies are under high inflation pressure, it is still in the control for the different economic system. It could be predict that the international crude oil price will back for the huge demand of China.


1.1 Gas Apparent Consumption. 4

1.1.1 China April Gas Use In Seasonal Fall, Gas To Power Soars. 4

1.1.2 China Gas Demand Speeding Up Growth In May. 4

Table 1: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in Mar’2011:.. 5

Table 2: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in 1Q 2011: 5

Table 3: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in Jan-Mar’2010 :.. 6

Table 4: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in Jan’2010-Mar’2011: 6

1.2 China Production. 6

1.2.1 PetroChina Jilin Oilfield Has Produced 1.83-Bil Cu M CO2-Contented Natural Gas. 6

1.2.2 The Kela-2 Gasfield In The Tarim Bain Has Supplied 57.671-Bil Cu M Of Natural Gas Since 2004. 7

1.2.3 CAMAC Energy Announces Gas Discovery On ZJS-03 Well, China Asset 7

Table 5:China Natural Gas Output in Apr’2011 (Unit: mil cubic meters) 8

Table 6:China Natural Gas Output in Jan-Apr’2011 (Unit: mil cubic meters) 9

1.3 Imports & Export. 9

1.3.1 China’s Natural Gas Imports In April Up 72.7 Pct On Yr 9

1.3.2 Russia Gas Agreement With China Likely By Start Of Forum.. 9

1.3.3 Sinopec, Exxon Mobil Ink Papua New Guinea LNG Deal 10


2.1 Gas-Price Limits Deterring Reliance, PetroChina. 11

Table 7:China’s Natural Gas Wellhead Prices In May’ 2011. 11

Table 8:China’s Natural Gas Initial Station Prices for Pipelines in May’ 2011. 12

Table 9:Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Residents In May’ 2011. 13

Table 10:Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Industry In May’ 2011. 14

Table 11:Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Commercial In May’ 2011. 15

Table 12:CNG Prices in Major Chinese Markets in May’ 2011 (For Auto Gas). 16

Table 13:Truck Prices of China LNG Factory (Domestic) 1H-May’2011. 17

Table 14:Truck Price of China LNG Terminals (Imported) 1H-May’ 2011. 17

Table 15:Landed Price of China Major Areas Apr’ 2011. 18

Table 16:The Average Price Of Different Kind Of Energy Market In China Major Areas Apr’2011  18

Table 17:Truck Prices of China CBM Factory (Domestic) 1H-May’2011. 19


3.1 CNOOC Sets Up Oil And Gas Pipeline Subsidiary In Tianjin. 19

3.2 China To Promote Construction Of Multi-Transportation Methods By Over. 19

3.3 CNPC To Build Gas Depot In Xinjiang. 20


4.1 Tianjin Builds Towngas Facilities To Receive 200-Mln Cu.M/Year Gas Supply From LNG Receiving Terminal. 20

4.2 Petrochina To Start Up First LNG Terminal. 20


5.1 China Industry May Feel The Heat From Power Shortages. 21

5.2 Energy Shortage: China To Suspend Diesel Exports To Conserve Domestic Supply. 22

5.3 China Raises Bank Reserve Requirements. 23

5.4 China May Introduce Oil, Gas Resource Tax Of Up To 10 Pct. 23

5.5 China To Encourage Foreign Investment In Oil And Gas. 23

5.6 China Releases Offshore Development Plan. 24


6.1 PetroChina (CNPC).. 24

6.1.1 CNPC Arm To Take Australian LNG Stake. 24

6.2 Sinopec. 24

6.2.1 Sinopec Shengli Submits Proposal For Developing Four CHT Gas Structures. 24

6.3 CNOOC. 25

6.3.1 CNOOC’s LNG Layout Of The Pilot "Gasification Southland” 25

6.4 Other Players In China. 26

6.4.1 High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline Protection Should Handle from the Root-GDLNG Gave Lecture about Pipeline Protection to Architecture Construction Enterprises. 26

6.4.2 China Natural Gas Posts Q1 2011 Results. 27

6.4.3 Fortune Oil Enters Into Gas JV With Kunkun And Xi’nao. 27

6.4.4 ENN Energy Eyes 5-Bln Cu M Natural Gas Sales In 2011. 28


7.1 Sinopec Launches First CBM Demonstration Project. 28

7.2 JAMG Sees CBM Output Rise 42 Pct Y-O-Y In Q1. 28

7.3 China Coal Gas Project Gradually To The Rich Coal Are Concentrated, Is Expected To Reach Production In 2011. 29

7.4 Far East Energy Provides Update on CBM Subsidy and Spring Drilling Campaign. 30

7.5 Tough Prospects Of China Shale Gas Resource. 31

7.6 Upsurging Coal-to-Gas Fervor in China. 35

8 LPG Market. 36

8.1 DATA: China Apr’11 Crude Throughput & LPG Production. 36

9 Project Development. 36

9.1 LNG To Debut In Lhasa. 36

9.2 Burma-China Sign Railway Pact To Transport Gas. 37

9.3 CNPC Tenders For Drilling And Survey At Halfaya. 38

9.4 Bureau Veritas Successfully Won Contract with GAS & Power Group. 38

9.5 Exxonmobil And MOL Order LNG Ships In China. 38

10 Others. 39

10.1 Shipyards Shift to LNG Carriers and Bulker Orders Cancellation Increased - China. 39

10.2 Oil futures: How China could keep US gas prices low.. 40

Note:  The approximate conversion coefficient of the related units for Natural gas. 40

Please see ’’’’ for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry. 41

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you want to know more sz China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report  services or subscription issues.

SZ China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report: which is published twice a monthly - Extensive coverage on upstream & downstream sectors of China’s natural gas market, with supply/demand fundamentals, industry policies, unconventional gas development, gas pipelines, LNG terminals/tanks, storage/facilities, LNG substitutes, LPG inclusive. In-depth feature article on latest major events happened in China natural gas / LNG / Unconventional Gas, Coal to Gas/Shale gas/Tight Gas  market. Most up-to-date price data pool on China natural gas ex-field price, LNG price, retail price for industrial/residential use, price comparisons with related fuels in China. Monthly updates of official data on China imports/exports/production/apparent consumption of natural gas.



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