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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report May 16-31 2011
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Index:SZ China Natural Gas Bi-weekly Report May 16-31 ,2011

What Changed As A Result Of China Electricity Shortage
From January to April, China’s electricity supply and demand is so tight in some area. There are several reason for it, like rapid growth of electricity demand, coal supply and transfer tight, hydropower output decline for the drought, insufficient power supply capacity in some areas and weak ability of Smart Grid.
And CEC has predicted that, in 2012-2013, the power gap will be further expanded and even tense than 2011 for the current demand and installed capacity. So we should think about what changed in the future as a result of China electricity shortage earlier.
Shortage of natural gas and gas oil
In CEC’s date, it is not included some oneself power generation. In some province, electricity growth of the whole society is not large; the actual total amount is huge. For example Jiangsu, the ratio of China electricity use is 1/10.In NDRC’s natural gas production and consumption static in April also show that a significant increase in gas power generation. NDRC now call on the oil companies to speed up the project under construction and strict control the exports of diesel in China. And they also encourage the imports of light oil and some petrochemical product at the same time. In earlier, IEA reported that the electricity shortage of China this summer may bring 30-mil barrels diesel daily demand. It could be predicted that the consumption of oil replace electric power will be occurred.
Competition for large-scale energy power projects
Due to the shortage of electricity, the fight of large-scale investment in energy group will strengthened. Ningbo, Ningbo, Guangdong, Chongqing and other places, are attracting major energy investment projects to strengthen and the adjustment in electricity consumption. Large-scale power project’s location is becoming indispensable in the long-term development.
Distributed power gas turbine will be the biggest winner
NEA issued two papers about the development of additional request guidance of natural gas distributed energy"and"development of natural gas distributed energy guidance. The propose of it is to encourage the development of distributed power gas turbines. By 2014,gas turbines is expected reach 3% of installed capacity to effectively alleviate China electricity shortage problem.

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