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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Refining Monthly Report-Jul’2011
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China Refining Monthly Report-Jul’2011
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1 China Refining Topic News
1.1 China May Increase Oil Refining Capacity 33% By 2016, Said By IEA
1.2 China’s Crude Throughput Drops For First Time In 2011 In Jun
1.3 China’s Jun Crude Throughput Drops 4.5% Daily On Extensive Turnarounds
1.4 China June Oil Demand Growth Slowest In 27 Months
1.5 China’s May Oil Demand Up 8.8 Pct On Yr
1.6 China Crude Imports To Recover In July On Steady Demand
1.7 China End-May Commercial Crude Stocks Down 3.5 Pct M/M
1.8 Chinese Major Refineries’ Operation Rate Rebounds Moderately To 79.36% In Mid-Jul
1.9 Sinopec’s Daily Crude Throughput In Jul Estimated To Drop To Lowest Level In 2011
1.10 China’s Jun Fuel Oil Output Down 4.41% On Month To 1.5-mil mt
1.11 S. China Commercial Fuel Oil Inventory Down Tad To 1.94-mil mt On Jul 20
1.12 Commercial Fuel Oil Stock In E. China Falls 14.5% To 265,000 Mt On Jun 22
1.13 Fuel Oil Supply From S. China Refineries Estimated To Rise 17% To 109,000 mt In Jul
1.14 NorthEast. China Tops Others In Gasoline Production In H1
1.15 China’s Gasoil Market Sluggish Amid Weak Demand In H1 Jul
1.16 China’s Distillate Stocks Rebound In May
1.17 Petrochina To Send 1.27-mil mt Of Distillates To Southern China In Jul, Up 6.8% On Month
1.18 Salable Oil Product Inventories Of Petrochina, Sinopec Build On Soft Demand
1.19 Sinopec Plans To Produce 32.1-mil mt Of Oil Products In Q3, Down 1.1% Qoq
1.20 Gasoil Apparent Consumption Rises 13.1% Yoy To 69.46-mil mt In First Five Months
1.21 Sinopec Plans 100 Billion Yuan Refining Complex In Jiangsu
1.22 Petrochina, Shell, Qatar Petroleum’s Taizhou JV Project May Be Downsized To 15-mil mt/Yr
1.23 Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Corp. Launches Its Euro 5 Standard Diesel In Hong Kong Market
1.24 Sinopec Weakens Encouragement For Gasoline, Gasoil Production In Jul
1.25 Sinopec Rewards Outsourced Gasoline With Yuan 100/Mt In Jul, None For Gasoil
1.26 Sinopec Resumes Outsourcing Of Blended Gasoline In S. China
1.27 China To Practice National IV Standard For Vehicle-Use Gasoline By End 2013
1.28 Sinopec, Petrochina Yet To Offer GB III Gasoil In Most Areas
1.29 China Supplies 454,750 mt Of Jet To International Flight In May, Roaring 234% Yoy
1.30 Petrochina Cuts Jul Naphtha Ex-Refinery Price By 7.24%
1.31 Sinopec To Cut Naphtha Ex-Refinery Price By Yuan 450/Mt In Jul
1.32 Northern China’s Bitumen Supply Likely To Stay Excessive In Jul
1.33 Sinopec To Supply 737,500 mt Of Distillates To SW. China Via Pipeline In Jul, Up 2.7% On Month
1.34 Tianjin Sida Petchem To Start Construction Of 245,000 Cu M Oil Product Terminal In Jul
1.35 Sinopec Intends To Build 1.3-mil cu m Commercial Crude Tank Farm In Tianjin
1.36 Bonded Bunker Sales In Shenzhen Port Expected To Hit 3.5-4-mil mt By 2015
1.37 China’s H1 Bonded Bunker Sales Swell 20.8% Yoy To 4.66-mil mt
1.38 China Changjiang Bunker (Sinopec) To Start Bonded Bunker Supply In Tianjin In Early Jul
1.39 Wu Bangguo Inspects Urumqi Petrochemical Company
1.40 Petrochina Sino-Chad N’djamena Refinery Becomes Operational
1.41 Petrochina And INEOS Complete Transaction To Form Trading And Refining Joint Ventures
1.42 China’s Zhejiang Hengyi Gets Nod To Build 135,000 B/D Brunei Refinery
1.43 China Oil Supply-Demand Overview in Jun’2011
Jan-May’2011 China crude runs & oil products production:
Jun’2011 China crude runs & oil products production:
China’s Crude Throughput & oil Products Yield Rate in Jan-Jun ’2011 (Unit: mil mt):
1.39 Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China & E. China over the past three months (China cuts Tariff on propane and butane by 3 percentage points to 2%, effective on Jan 1, 2011.)
Curve 1: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.47/113% or /117%
Curve 2: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in E. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.47/113% or /117%
2     Major Refineries
2. 1   Sinopec
2.1.1 S.China - Sinopec Guangzhou Petchem’s 1-mil mt/Yr Reformer Catches Fire
2.1.2 S.China - Sinopec Maoming To Refine 6.4% Less Crude Daily In Jul
2.1.3 S.China - Sinopec Maoming Shut 2.5-mil mt/Yr CDU For 49-Day Maintenance Mid-Jul
2.1.4 S.China - Sinopec Maoming To Revamp 100,000-Mt/Yr White Oil Unit Mid-Jul
2.1.5 E. China - Crude Throughput of Sinopec Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company Exceeds 10-mil mt in Six Months
2.1.6 Central China - Sinopec Jingmen Petchem To Double Topping Capacity To 10-mil mt/Yr During 2016-2020
2.1.7 Central China - Sinopec Jingmen Starts To Revamp 1.5-mil mt/Yr CDU
2.1.8 N. China - Sinopec Tianjin Petchem To Produce 2.3% More Oil Products In Jul
2.1.9 N. China - Sinopec Tianjin Petchem Refines 350,000 mt Of Iranian Condensate In H1
2.1.10 N. China - Sinopec Yanshan’s LPG Output Plunges 60% On FCC Glitch
2.1.11 NorthEast. China - Sinopec Qingdao refinery’s LPG sales by barge slump 52% to 2,950 mt since Jun 17
2. 2   CNPC (PetroChina)
2.2.1 N. China - Petrochina Huabei Petchem Sets Jul Crude Throughput Target At 435,000 Mt, Up 3.5% On Month
2.1.2 N. China - PetroChina Tianjin to sell 175,000 mt of distillates in Jul, flat on month
2.1.3 NorthEast. China - Petrochina Jinzhou Petchem To Lower Jul Daily Crude Throughput By 5% On Month
2.1.4 NorthEast. China - Jia Qinglin Inspects PetroChina Jilin Petrochemical
2.1.5 NorthEast. China - Petrochina Dalian Petchem Cuts Crude Throughput By 40% After Weekend CDU Fire
2.1.6 NorthEast. China -Petrochina Dalian Petchem To Hike Daily Crude Throughput By 61% In Jul
2.1.7 NorthEast. China - Petrochina Daqing To Restart 200,000-Mt/Yr Group Ii Base Oils Unit On Jun 21
2.3.1 S.China - CNOOC Restarts 2-mil mt/Yr Catalytic Reformer At Huizhou Refinery
2.3.2 S.China - CNOOC Huizhou Refinery Shuts Aromatics Unit After Fire On Jul 9
2.1.3 S.China - Feasibility Study On CNOOC’s 1.5-mil mt/Yr JV Olefin Project In Hainan Enters Approval Stage
2.4 Independent Refineries
2.4.1 The movement of Shandong Independent refineries Jun 21, 2011- Jul 20, 2011
2.4.2 The movement of Guangdong Independent refineries Jun 21, 2011- Jul 20, 2011
2.4.3 LPG Deep Processing Margins Drop Notably In Shandong
2.4.4 Shandong’s Commercial Fuel Oil Stocks Plunge To 920,000 mt
2.5    Other Refineries
2.5.1 S.China - Sinochem’s 12-mil mt/Yr Quanzhou Refining Project Still Pending Approval
2.5.2 N. China - Yan’An Refinery Resumes Operation Of 3-mil mt/Yr Cdu
2.5.3 N. China - Bluestar Petchem (Tianjin) Resumes Normal Operation
2.6 Main China refineries’ Crude Runs and Run Rates in Jun’2011               Unit:10kt
2.7 Refinery Turnarounds
3     Policy, Regulation & Law
3.1 China To Set Ex-Refinery Jet Fuel Price Monthly
3.2 China Oil Majors See Losses In Overseas Investment
3.3 China Must Control Spiralling Energy Consumption
38B3.4 China’s H1 Power Consumption Up 12.2%
39B33.5 China To Pilot Carbon Emissions Trading Project
40BChina Approves Plan For Energy ’Golden Zone’
4     China Oil Products Import & Export
4.1 N. China Records Highest Growth In Crude Imports Of All Regions In First Five Month
4.2 Russia’s Angarsk Refinery To Resume Normal Base Oils Supply To China In Jul
4.3 S. China’s Jul Fuel Oil Imports Estimated To Rise 33% On Month
4.4 S. China’s Jun Fuel Oil Imports Estimated to Slump 35% on Month to 290,000-310,000 Mt
4.5 Bohai Bay Estimated To Trim Jul Fuel Oil Imports By 8%
4.6 Petrochina Plans To Import Gasoil In Q3 To Ensure Sufficient China Supply
4.7 China Gasoline Import Margin Improves But Still Negative After Import Tariff Cut
4.8 Singapore FOB Premium For 180CST Fuel Oil Down On Weaker Demand From China
4.9 Guangdong Zhenrong Energy To Ship One VLCC Cargo Of Iranian Fuel Oil To China In Jul
4.10 China’s Jet Imports, Exports In May Both Up On Month
4.11 China Resumes Naphtha Exports In May
4.12 China’s May LPG Imports Rise 10% on Month to 319,850 Mt
4.13 Sinopec Hainan Refinery Signs Term Contract To Export LPG To HK
4.14 OIL DATA: Oil Products Imports & Exports in China in Jun’2011
5     Jan-Jun’2011 China Data
5.1    Jun’2011 Crude Oil Production in China      Unit: KMt
5.2    Jun’2011 China Refineries on Crude Throughput      Unit: KMt
5.3    Jun’2011 China Refineries on Gasoline/Diesel production   Unit: KMt
5.4    Jun’2011 China Refineries on Kerosene & Fuel Oil production   Unit: KMt
5.5    Jun’2011 China Refineries on LPG & Asphalt production      Unit: KMt
5.6    Jun’2011 China Refineries on Lubricating Grease & Solvent Naphtha production      Unit: KMt
5.7    Jun’2011 China Refineries on Naphtha & Petroleum Coke production      Unit: KMt
5.8    Jun’2011 China Refineries on Ethylene & Pure benzene production      Unit: KMt
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