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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-weekly Report Oct 15-30,2011
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China Natural Gas Vehicle Formed Basic Industrialization
Zhen Zijian, deputy director of China 863 energy-saving and new energy vehicles Office, said on Oct 31 that annual output value of China natural gas vehicles has been 150 million yuan. This number means China has achieved initially industrialization.
In the past decade, China has invested about 2.5 billion yuan to natural gas vehicle, in order to the key technologies breakthroughs. China has mastered the key technologies of turbocharged, direct injection now. The numbers of production raise from 1,000 to 100 million. China now grows to the 4th biggest natural gas vehicle market in Asia-Pacific and 6th in the world. In the 2020, China natural gas vehicle will increase to 65 million. At that time, China natural gas vehicle industry would been basically formed.
China natural gas vehicle technology has been matured now, but the standardization is lagging behind. It’s China natural gas vehicle problem now.
To the LNG vehicle standard system, the current standard system of China natural gas vehicles is completely, involving basic standards, vehicle standards, engine standard, special equipment standards, gas cylinders and accessories standard, temperament standards, plus air-standard and aerated station standards. Totaled 8 items, it covered all aspects of LNG vehicle industry. But how to finished the detailed?  And how to operated in the actual?
Currently, there are three natural gas vehicle technology standards have been made, including "automotive-specific manual gas valve," "gas car special equipment installation requirements," "compressed natural gas vehicle fuel consumption test method." In addition, "natural gas and LPG cars car vocabulary", "Natural Gas Vehicles and LPG car flag," "car filling with compressed natural gas vehicles mouth," "compressed natural gas vehicles special equipment and technical conditions" 4 standard has been included in the standardization Institute a revised plan. "Natural gas vehicle fuel consumption of feed limits," "liquefied natural gas vehicle with the safety valve," "gas car modification technology requirements," "liquefied natural gas vehicle with the cylinder valve," "liquefied natural gas vehicle with the cut-off valve" and other standards have been listed into the plan, with a view to the development of natural gas provide the basis for the automotive industry.

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