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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-weekly Report Nov 1-15,2011
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PetroChina’s Jiangsu Rudong LNG Terminal Operational Since Nov 9
PetroChina’s liquid natural gas (LNG) first-phase project in Jiangsu province was put into operation, supplying some 4.8-bil cu m of gas to both residents and industries in part of the Yangtze river delta region.
The project was jointly built by PetroChina, Hong Kong Pacific Oil and Gas Limited and Jiangsu Guoxing Group.
According to PetroChina, the first-phase project could replace the current annual consumption of 6.4 million tons of standard coal and could also reduce emissions of 15.7 million tons of carbon dioxide.
The second-phase project will rise to 6.5-mil mt. Qatar is the major resource of LNG to Rudong terminal. This terminal is related to Ji-Ning pipeline and West-to-East I, too. So it is easy to adjustment when the consumption peak in the winter.
According from China Custom Data, Rudong LNG terminal has received 430,000 mt LNG. It means 590,000,000 cu m natural gas. About 70-80% LNG products from Rudong terminal is sent to West-to-East I pipeline. Since then, Rudong has supply 1200 mt LNG truck. And about 40% of them sent to Guangdong.
This project means a lot to China Jiangsu. The operation of Rudong terminal will ease the pressure of energy supply in Jiangsu and Yangtze Rive Delta Region.

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