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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-weekly Report Apr 1-15,2012
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SZ Review of Natural Gas market in the 1H-Apr:




In the 1Q, Tuha oilfield produces 245 million cu m natural gas. And it has finished 23.4% of it annual plan.


On Apr 11, Nanning NDRC starts theme session for 2nd West-to-East Pipeline project’s Nanning line. According the plan, this project wills finish the construction in the end of year.


CNPC Group will negotiate with MITSUBISHI, Shell and Korea Gas about Canada west coast project. It predicted to produce 12-mil mt LNG per year and supply to Asia difference country.




China Customs Bureau published the import data of China natural gas, oil and coal from Jan to Feb. And natural gas import increase sharply.


Natural Gas Price:


According to the rumors, NDRC interviews with various regional Price Bureau about China natural gas price decisions and regulatory matters. But according the CPI in Mar, it is still not a good time to adjust natural gas price.


LNG Market:


For the reason of enough supply of pipeline gas and imported LNG, these LNG plant are flat sales in the first half of Apr. Some plants are inventory backlog. Xinjiang Borui resume production and Guangan Huayou start produce since Apr 16.And Rudong terminal sales decrease for the low price of CNOOC’s imported LNG and China north regional gas. Shanxi Yigao LNG sale is 60% to Jiangsu market. Fujian Putian terminal produce increase 1.2 million cu m/day in Apr. And sale is well in south Zhejiang market.





China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report. 1


1.1 China Gas Apparent Consumption. 5

1.1.1 China To Consume More Than 150bn Cubic Meters Of Natural Gas In 2012. 5

1.1.2 Yantai’s Daily Gas Consumption Hit 600 Million Cu M In March. 5

1.2 China Gas Production. 5

Table 1China Natural Gas Output in Jan-Mar’2012 (Unit: mil cu m) 5

Table 2China Natural Gas Output in Mar’2012 (Unit: mil cu m) 6

1.2.1 PetroChina’s Changqing Oilfield To Output 29 Billion Cu M In 2012. 7

Table 3: China LNG Factory Maintenance Timetable In 1H-Apr’2012. 7

Table 4: Operating Rate and Output Of China LNG Factory In 1H-Apr’2012. 7

Table 5: Operating Rate and Output Of China LNG Factory In Mar’2012. 7

1.3 China Gas Imports & Export. 8

1.3.1 Shell, Asian Partners In Final Talks On Canada LNG Plant 8

1.3.2 Uzbekistan Starts Gas Supplies To China. 8


Table 6:China’s Natural Gas Initial Station Prices For Pipelines In Apr’ 2012. 9

Table 7:China’s Natural Gas Wellhead Prices In Apr’ 2012. 10

Table 8:Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Residents In Apr’ 2012. 11

Table 9:Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Non-civilian In Apr’ 2012. 12

Table 10:CNG Prices In Major Chinese Markets In Apr’ 2012 (For Auto Gas). 13

Table 11:Truck Prices Of China LNG Factory (China) 1H-Apr’2012. 14

Table 12:Truck Prices Of China LNG Terminals (Imported) 1H-Apr’ 2012. 15

Table 13:LNG Landed Price Of China Major Areas 1H-Apr’ 2012. 15

Table 14:LNG Landed Price Of China Major Areas in Mar’ 2012. 16

Table 15:Spot Wholesale Price of China LNG (By Source) in Mar’2012. 16

Table 16:The Average Price Of Different Kind Of Energy Market In China Major Areas Mar’2012  16

Table 17: Truck Prices Of China CBM Factory (China) 1H-Apr’2012. 16

Table 18: Freight Prices List of China LNG Truck in 1H-Apr’2012. 17


3.1 China To Start Building Third West-East Natural Gas Pipeline In 2012. 17

3.2 Pakistan PM Gilani Seeks China’s Help Over IP Gas Pipeline Project. 17

3.3 Chinese To Fund Tanzanian Gas Pipeline. 18


4.1 China LNG Terminal Imported Structure In Feb 2012(by terminal). 18

4.2 China LNG Terminal Imported Structure In Feb 2012(by country). 19

4.3 LNG Shipment In China In Apr 2012. 19


5.1 Beijing Reaffirms Position On Oil, Gas Exploitation. 19

5.2 China Energy Investing Benefits World. 20

5.3 China May Face Some Energy Tightness-Energy Head. 20

5.4 China’s Power Consumption Accelerates In March. 21


6.1 CNPC. 21

6.1.1 CNPC, China Guodian Corporation Ink Cooperation Deal 21

6.1.2 KOGAS, Mitsubishi, CNPC, Royal Dutch Shell Cooperate To Produce LNG In North America. 21

6.1.3 CNPC Not Now Eager To Promote New Energy Vehicles Model 22

6.2 Sinopec. 22

6.2.1 Sinopec/ENN Reserve Right To Revise China Gas Deal 22

6.3CNOOC. 23

6.3.1 CNOOC, Eni Sign Offshore Oil And Gas Exploration Pact 23

6.4 Others. 23

6.4.1 China Natural Gas Q4 Revenue Up. 23

6.4.2 Fortune Oil Forms LNG JV With Tianjin Gas. 24

6.4.3 China Resources Gas’ Debut Bonds Attract Brisk Demand. 25


7.1 China’s Coalbeds Spur Unconventional Gas Supply Boom. 25

7.2 CNPC In Talks About Shale Oil and Gas Exploration. 28

7.3 PetroChina In Talks With Shell, Hess To Explore Shale Oil. 29

7.4 CNOOC Says Starts Work On 1st Onshore Shale Gas Block. 29

7.5 Shenhua Starts Construction Of $2.5 Billion CTG Project. 30

7.6 Coalbed Methane In China’s Gas Production Goals. 30

7.7 China’s Unconventional Gas Options To Compete With Australian LNG Supply. 31

7.8 Hunan To House 56 MW Of CBM-Fired Power Plants By 2015. 32

8 CHINA LPG Market. 32

8.1 DATA: China Mar’12 Crude Throughput & LPG Production. 32

8.2 China’s Crude Throughput, LPG Production and LPG Yield Rate in Jan-Mar’12: 33

9 Project Development In China. 33

9.1 Kunlun Seeks Cash For LNG Boost. 33

9.2 Huagang Gas Completes Construction Of LNG Project In Hebei 34

9.3 CNPC Begins Trial Operations At Guang’an Liquefaction Plant. 34

9.4 Datang Wins Approval For Beijing Gas-Fired Power Project. 34

9.5 SJTU-ENN LNG Engineering Centre Unveiled. 34

9.6 China’s Tianhe Gas To Start Up Hebei LNG Plant In H2 April. 34

10 Others. 35

10.1 More Players In China’s Gas Boom. 35

10.2 Natural Gas Vehicles In China. 36

Note:  The approximate conversion coefficient of the related units for Natural gas. 37

Please see  for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry. 38


CONTACT Ms. Yolanda Ru, Tel86 21 54383583 Fax86 21 64607630, Mobile: 86 18917978976 


Organizers: Shanghai Social Science Academy, SZ Energy Intelligence, Shanghai Environment Energy Exchange


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