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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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Index - SZ China Shale Gas Annual Report 2012-2013
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Dear Reader,


Thank you for your care about ECF China Shale Gas Annual Report 2012-2013.


ECF China Shale Gas Annual Report 2012-2013 is a report analysis and reflect the objective facts of China shale gas market.


For the reason of data and information collection, Formal Edition of ECF China Natural Gas Annual Report would be released in June, 2013.


What you read below is a basic table of content.


You could keep contact with our editor if you have any new idea of China Shale Gas Market.


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ECF China Shale Gas Annual Report 2012-2013Introduction


Shale gas is natural gas formed from being trapped within shale formations. Shale gas is absolutely worthy to develop although compared with the natural gas and as one of main unconventional natural gases is featured by the long lifetime of drilling and long stable production of wells.


Shale gas study, exploitation and development is original generated in US and for the moment, US and Canada are the main countries of commercializing the shale gas production. Shale gas as a new star in the primary energy resources, is globally expected to change the prospect  of world natural gas market. China may have the largest recoverable shale gas reserve, similarly great potential of US. But the formation, enrichment and storage conditions of China is a totally different story from that of US. After several years’ hard preparation work, China has been recognized to be able to commercialize its shale gas development in a large way and already saw the encouraging result initially in Sichuan base. 


The industrial supporting policy framework is close to complete by Beijing and local governments. The constrains is co-existed with advantages, such as the competitive mineral rights allocations, the transportation network not entitled to the private companies,  the revenue distribution system need reforming etc.  China should vigorously shale gas strategic survey, exploitation and shale gas development has already been on the top of the task list of Chinese oil and gas industry.


China shale gas industry is still in its infancy and the necessary way to fulfill the shale gas commercialization is to strengthen cooperation, introduce technologies and simultaneously lower the cost. In the near future, China shale gas drillings will be intensively in Southern areas and the tight natural gas supplies in the local areas are expected to be eased. As the climbing of China energy consumption, shale gas will be an increasingly significant supplies besides the conventional resources.


China Shale Gas Annual Report 2012-2013 by ECF International Shale Gas Forum will analyze the status of shale gas development in China and the rest of the World, regulation framework, shale gas development by region, big oil company watch, investment opportunities and risks, technological innovation and cooperation to forecast where the opportunities are or will be as well as how to tackle the existing and upcoming challenges.


ECF International Shale Gas Forum Membership Recruitment


ECF International Shale Gas Forum is the first platform to follow the unprecedented model of integrating the intelligence and resources among government, research, Oil Company and financial organization and will guide to run multinational cooperation and help project approval. We believe, though our endeavor the shale gas commercialization would speed up.



Please Contact ECF International Shale Gas Forum:


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ECF China Shale Gas Annual Report 2012-2013 Content


1 Global Shale Gas

1.1 What is Shale Gas?

1.1 .1Shale gas reserve

1.1.2 Shale gas exploration and drilling

1.2 Global shale gas reserves

 Picture1.2 Global shale gas reserves & distribution

1.2.1 Countries with Shale gas reserves United States of America Regulatory pattern Drill tech progression Environmental rules Chesapeake Mode Some Problem of America LNG Export Canada Australia Argentina Poland Germany UK France India Indonesia South Africa

1.2.2 Countries without shale gas Japan Republic of Korea


2 Investment chances for China unconventional resources

Picture 2 China unconventional reserves & distribution

Table 2 China unconventional reserves & distribution

2.1 CBM

2.2 Tight gas

2.3 Shale gas

2.3.1 Potential shale gas reserves

2.3.2 Latest potential shale gas reserves

2.3.3 Local potential shale gas reserves

Picture 2.3.3 China shale gas reserve distribution

Table 2.3.3 China shale gas reserve distribution Enrichment type & resource feature

2.3.4 Current situation & regulatory of local shale gas exploration

2.4 Shale oil

2.5 Investment trends

2.5.1 Policy threshold

2.5.2 Diversified investment body Private capital; State capital; Foreign capital Profit distribution Financing and technical contribution Profit distribution Combining conventional & unconventional

2.6  Investment chance

2.7 Investment risk

2.8 Investment advises

2.8.1Enhancement of geological survey

2.8.2 Technical recoverability

2.8.3 Possible negative effect

3 China policy

3.1 Necessity of shale gas develoopment

3.1.1 Following the global clean energy trend

3.1.2 Releasing the tight natural gas supply

3.1.3 Improving energy utilizing structure

3.1.4 Optimizing energy market distribution

3.2 Shale gas development plan2011-2015

3.2.1 Background

3.2.2 Development situation

3.2.3 Principal and target

3.2.4 Key point

3.2.5 Supporting measure

3.2.2 Capacity planning CNPC Sinopec

3.2.3 Subsidiary and financial support Shale gas vs CBM

Table Shale gas policy vs CBM policy Independent mineral & mining right overlapping

3.2.4 Technical breakthrough for shale gas development National shale gas research & development center Other major shale gas laboratories

3.3 Natural gas price reform

4 Shale gas development status quo & commercializing bottleneck in China

4.1 Exploration

4.2 Drilling

4.3 Gas production

4.4 Transportation

4.5 Commercializing bottleneck

4.5.1 Policy

4.5.2 Market

4.5.3 Technology

4.5.4 Infrastructure

4.5.5 Management system Second thought for private capital

5 Technology & equipment in China

5.1 Technology

5.1.1 Shale gas reserve assessment

5.1.2 Shale gas optimization

5.1.3 Shale reservior physical geography assessment

5.1.4 Horizontal well

5.1.5 Shale reservior transforming & well yield improvement

5.1.6 Productivity prediction, well network optimization & economic evaluation

5.2 Technical regulatory for shale gas E&P

5.3 Advanced shale gas E&P tech

5.3.1 Oil shale gasification techique

Picture Oil shale gasification technique

5.3.2 4D seismic surveillance

5.3.3 UOP membrane technique

5.3.4 Shale well completion technique

5.3.5 Reservoir transforming technique

5.3.6 Staged fracturing technique

5.4 Technology transfer

6 Companies & projects

6.1 Major Chinese companies

6.1.1 CNPC

6.1.2 Sinopec

6.1.3 CNOOC

6.1.4 Huadian Group

6.1.5 Henan Coal Seam Gas Development & Utilization Co.

6.1.6 Yanchang Petroleum Group

6.1.7 Chongqing Energy Group

6.2 Major oversea companies

6.2.1 Shell

6.2.2 Total

6.2.3 Chevron

6.2.4 Eni

6.3 JV & Acquisition

6.4 Technology innovation

6.4.1 Water treatment

7 Local shale gas development in China

7.1 Shale gas development zone

7.1.1 Shale gas development zone by province Consumption and demand gap in 2012 Sichuan Chongqing Guizhou Hunan Anhui Liaoning, Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Xinjiang

Table Shale oil price of Fushun in 2012

7.1.2 Shale gas development zone by block Changning Weiyuan Zhaotong Fushun-Yongchuan Western Hubei & Eastern Chongqing Eastern Sichuan-Langzhong Northeast Sichuan Anshun-Kaili Jiyang Yan’an Shenfu-Linxing Qinyuan Shouyang Wuhu Hengshanbao Nanchuan Xiushan Eastern Liaohe River Cengong-Songtao

7.3 Natural gas pipeline

7.4Water resource management

8 Distributed applications for Shale gas

8.1 Distributed power generation for shale gas

9 Influences in other industries

9.1 Chemical industry

9.1.1 US

9.1.2 China

9.2 Machinery

9.2.1 US

9.2.2 China

9.3 Coal

9.3.1 US

9.3.2 China

9.4 Power generation

9.4.1 US

9.4.2 China

9.5 City gas

9.5.1 US

9.5.2 China

10 China shale gas industry prospect

10.1 Global natural gas market

10.2 China shale gas capacity prediction

10.3 China shale gas market prospect

10.3.1 Upstream - E&P

10.3.2 Midstream - Transportation & Storage

10.3.3 Downstream - Utilization

11 China Shale Gas Chronicle

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