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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-weekly Report Jan 16-31,2013
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SZ Review of China Natural Gas market in the 2H-Jan, 2013


China, the world’s biggest energy user, plans to revise its government-controlled price mechanisms to encourage more efficiency, curb pollution and reduce financial losses on imports.


Consumers in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces in southern China pay as much as 2,740 yuan per 1,000 cubic meters for gas under a trial program introduced by the National Development and Reform Commission, the nation’s top economic planner, in Dec 2011. The NDRC said the program would be evaluated and extended nationwide.



China’s apparent consumption* of natural gas, including natural gas (gaseous) and liquefied natural gas(LNG), went up 10.3% on monthly to 14.6 billion cu m in Dec’2012, up by 11.7% on yearly, according to SZ Energy survey.


Import & Export:

China’s Dec’2012 Liquefied Natural Gas Import up 68.8% on-month to 1,826.6-kmt, and up 20.8% on-yr;

China’s Dec’2012 Natural Gas (Gaseous) Import down 4.0% on-month to 1,541.9-kmt, and up 52.0% on-yr;

China’s Dec’2012 Natural Gas (Gaseous) Export down 15.2% on-month to 153.3-kmt, and down 19.7% on-yr.


LNG Market:

China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), Sinotrans & CSC Group and China Sanjiang Space Group have signed an agreement to jointly develop the LNG industrial chain on the Yangtze River.


The three companies will make joint efforts in the construction, conversion of LNG vessels and relevant equipments and LNG shipping to promote the development of the whole LNG industrial chain.



Chinese energy giant PetroChina expects to begin pumping gas through its Shwe oil and gas pipeline by May.


According to CNPC, the 793-kilometer pipeline—which runs from Burma’s western coast northward to China’s Yunnan Province—will go into use on May 30. Construction of the pipeline began three years ago and has been controversial in Burma, as it has been marred by complaints of land-grabbing for the project, while there also concerns over how ordinary Burmese will benefit from the revenues generated from the pipeline.  


China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report. 1


1.1      China Gas Apparent Consumption. 4

1.1.1 China’s Natural Gas Apparent Consumption Increased Slightly in Dec’2012 -SZ Energy. 4

Table 1: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in Dec’2012. 4

Table 2: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in Jan-Dec’2012. 4

Curve 1: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China from 2006 to Dec’2012. 5

1.1.2 China May Raise Natural Gas Prices This Year - Barclays. 5

1.1.3 Beijing’s natural gas consumption hits record. 5

1.2      China Gas Production. 6

1.2.1 China Dec Natural Gas Output 10.20 Bln Cu m, up 5.6% on Year (Unit: mil cu m) 6

DataChina Natural Gas Output in Jan-Dec’2012 (Unit: mil cu m) 7

1.2.2 Green Dragon Gas: Production Up by 55 Pct 7

Table 3: China LNG Factory Maintenance Timetable in 2H-Jan’2013. 8

Table 4: Operating Rate and Output Of China LNG Factory In 1H-Nov’2012. 9

1.3 China Gas Imports & Export. 9

1.3.1 SZ China DATA: China’s Dec’2012 Natural Gas Import & Export Volume  (Source: General Administration of Customs of China) 10

Table 5China Natural Gas Import & Export from Jan to Dec in 2012. 10

Table 6China Natural Gas Import & Export in Dec’2012. 10

Table 7China Natural Gas Import & Export in Jan–Dec’2012. 10

1.3.1 China Dec LNG Imports Rise 21% YoY. 10

1.3.2 China’s Dependency on Imported Natural Gas in 2012 Approaches 29 Percent 10


Table 8China’s Natural Gas Initial Station Prices For Pipelines In Jan’2013. 11

Table 9Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Residents In Jan’2013. 12

Table 10Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Non-civilian In Jan’2013. 13

Table 11CNG Prices In Major Chinese Markets In Jan’2013 (For Auto Gas). 14

Table 12Truck Prices Of China LNG Factory (China) 2H-Jan’2013. 15

Table 13Truck Prices Of China LNG Terminals (Imported) 2H-Jan’2013. 16

Table 14LNG Landed Price Of China Major Areas 2H-Jan’2013. 17

Table 15: Truck Prices Of China CBM Factory (China) 2H-Jan’2013. 17

Table 16: The Average Price Of Different Kind Of Energy Market In China Major Areas Oct’2012  18

Table 17: Freight Prices List of China LNG Truck in 2H-Jan’2013. 18


3.1 Sino Oil and Gas Starts CBM Sales from Second Sanjiao Pipeline. 18

3.2 Rolls-Royce to Supply Equipment for WEPP Gas Pipeline in China. 19

3.3 Burma-China Gas Pipeline Ready in May. 19

3.4 Zhuhai-Macao gas line to be completed by Jun. 19


4.1 CNOOC and Sinotrans CSC to develop Yangtze LNG industrial chain. 19


5.1 China’s reliance on oil-gas imports growing. 20

5.2 China generates more power from clean energy. 20

5.3 China sets slower energy consumption targets. 21

5.4 Gov’t approves energy consumption control target. 21


6.1 CNPC. 22

6.1.1 CNPC to boost overseas oil, gas production. 22

6.1.2 CNPC offers free gas to motorbiking migrant workers. 22

6.2 CNOOC. 23

6.2.1 CSSC, CNOOC Ink Cooperation Agreement 23

6.2.2 CNOOC, Nexen Extend Takeover Deadline. 23

6.2.3 CNOOC: New Gas Fields Off China to Come on Stream in 2013. 23

6.2.4 China’s NDRC Approves CNOOC-Husky Liwan 3-1 Gas Field Project 24

6.3 Sinopec. 24

6.3.1 Sinopec’s The Code for Instrument Control System Design for Oil & Gas Fields and Pipelines Approved by National Authorities. 24

6.3.2 Sinopec Leading Technology to Tackle World’s Major Challenges at Puguang Sour Gas Field. 24


7.1 China’s Shale Gas Dream. 25

7.2 China’s Bid for Shale-Gas Riches in Doubt. 25

7.3 China plans more shale gas tenders. 26

7.4 China offers greatest prize of all for shale gas. 27

7.5 Pros and cons of shale gas for China. 29

7.6 Sichuan’s shale gas production expands with national support. 30

8 CHINA LPG Market. 30

8.1 China Apparent Consumption of LPG up 5.0% monthly in Dec’2012. 30

9 Project Development in China. 31

9.1 Fortune Oil Gets Waiver over Gas Business Sale. 31

9.2 ADB Paves Way for More LNG, CNG Buses in China. 32

9.3 Sinochem to buy into US oil-gas field. 32

9.4 Changfeng’s Xiangdong Piped Gas Distribution Project Starts Selling Gas to Ceramics Manufacturer. 32

9.5 Chevron buys Chinese gas acreage. 33

10 Others. 33

10.1 CNPC: China 2013 Oil Demand Expected to Rise 4.8% Yearly. 33

Note:  The approximate conversion coefficient of the related units for Natural gas. 34

Please see for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry. 34


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