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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-weekly Report Apr 16-30, 2013
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SZ Review of China Natural Gas market in the 2H-Apr, 2013


China’s NDRC announced on Apr 24 it will lower fuel prices due to declines in global oil prices, a move that will help control inflation levels in the world’s second-largest economy. Retail prices of gasoline will be cut by 395 yuan (63.32 U.S. dollars) per mt and diesel by 400 yuan per mt starting Apr 25.


China’s crude oil and natural gas output rose slightly year on year in the first quarter of the year. In the first quarter, China’s natural gas output rose 6.2% to 30.6 billion cubic meters, while natural gas imports surged 34.5% to 13.2 billion cubic meters, according to NDRC.



China’s apparent consumption* of natural gas, including natural gas (gaseous) and liquefied natural gas(LNG), up 0.6% on monthly to 13.55 billion cu m in Mar’2013, down by 5.2% on yearly, according to SZ Energy survey.


Import & Export:

China’s Mar’2013 Liquefied Natural Gas Import up 21.1% on-month to 1,710.1-kmt, and up 11.6% on-yr;

China’s Mar’2013 Natural Gas (Gaseous) Import up 35.5% on-month to 2,061.4-kmt, and up 22.4% on-yr;

China’s Mar’2013 Natural Gas (Gaseous) Export up 21.3% on-month to 151.8-kmt, and down 38.1% on-yr.


LNG Market:

GDF SUEZ signed several significant agreements with Chinese partners in the field of natural gas storage, the provision of liquefied natural gas regasification facilities and the environment.



China saw the 50 billionth cubic meter of natural gas supplied from Turkmenistan through the Central Asia-China pipeline since Dec 2009. The supply can meet the natural gas demand of Beijing for six years, according to the ministry which quoted statistics from the Xinjiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. 


China Shipping Development and Sinopec Kantons are to spend HK$11.71 billion to buy six LNG carriers, which will be chartered to Sinopec.


China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report. 1


1.1      China Gas Apparent Consumption. 4

1.1.1 China’s LNG Imports Slow Markedly In Mar’2013 -SZ Energy. 4

Table 1: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in Mar’2013. 4

Table 2: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in Jan-Mar’2013. 4

Curve 1: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China from 2006 to Mar’2013. 5

1.2      China Gas Production. 5

1.2.1 China targets natural gas to supply 8% of energy by 2015 and increase from 4% now and needs to copy and adapt US natural gas success. 5

1.2.2 Natural gas industry to develop fast in China. 6

Table 3: China LNG Factory Maintenance Timetable in 2H-Apr’2013. 7

Table 4: Operating Rate and Output Of China LNG Factory In 2H-Apr’2013. 8

1.3 China Gas Imports & Export. 8

1.3.1 SZ China DATA: China’s Mar’2013 Natural Gas Import & Export Volume  (Source: General Administration of Customs of China) 8

Table 5China Natural Gas Import & Export from Jan to Mar in 2013. 8

Table 6China Natural Gas Import & Export in Mar’2013. 8

Table 7China Natural Gas Import & Export in Jan–Mar’2013. 9

1.3.2 China: Mar LNG Imports Climb YoY. 9

1.3.3 >50% of LNG Traffic Moves Through South China Sea. 9

1.3.4 Asia May LNG Spot Prices Drop 12.3 Pct 9

1.3.5 Central Asia sends China 50 bcm of gas. 9


Table 8China’s Natural Gas Initial Station Prices For Pipelines In Apr’2013. 10

Table 9Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Residents In Apr’2013. 10

Table 10Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Non-civilian In Apr’2013. 11

Table 11CNG Prices In Major Chinese Markets In Apr’2013 (For Auto Gas). 12

Table 12Truck Prices Of China LNG Factory (China) 2H-Apr’2013. 13

Table 13Truck Prices Of China LNG Terminals (Imported) 2H-Apr’2013. 15

Table 14LNG Landed Price Of China Major Areas 2H-Apr’2013. 15

Table 15: Truck Prices Of China CBM Factory (China) 2H-Apr’2013. 16

Table 16: The Average Price Of Different Kind Of Energy Market In China Major Areas Feb’2013  16

Table 17: Freight Prices List of China LNG Truck in 2H-Apr’2013. 16


3.1 Steel Cutting Ceremony Held for Hybrid Dual-Fuel LNG Carrier in China. 16

3.2 Central Asia – China Gas pipeline makes landmark delivery. 16

3.3 Survey work begins for undersea gas pipeline in Pingtan. 17


4.1 CNOOC to top up investment in Diefu LNG terminal. 17


5.1 China cuts fuel prices amid weaker demand. 17

5.2 China’s H1 power consumption growth to hit 5.5-6.5%... 18

5.3 China emerges as world’s renewable energy powerhouse. 18

5.4 China regains clean energy investment lead. 19


6.1 CNPC. 20

6.1.1 Chart to Provide LNG Equipment to PetroChina. 20

6.1.2 CNPC to open natural gas project in Fuqing. 20

6.2 CNOOC. 20

6.2.1 China’s CNOOC unlikely to seek spot LNG cargoes before Aug. 20

6.3 Sinopec. 20

6.3.1 China’s Sinopec says no impact on gas field from quake. 21

6.3.2 Sinopec in $11.7b deal for gas carriers. 21

6.4 Others. 21

6.4.1 China: Fortune Oil Revenues Up. 21

6.4.2 Fortune Oil Updates on Shareholding in China Gas. 22

6.4.3 GDF SUEZ Develops LNG Presence in China. 23


7.1 China Must Exploit Its Shale Gas. 24

7.2 China’s Shale-Gas Potential and Peril. 25

7.3 Successful Bidders to Invest USD 2 Billion in Chinese Shale Blocks. 26

7.4 Chinese investors pump billions into US shale gas industry. 26

7.5 China’s First Shale Gas Wells Near Production. 27

8 CHINA LPG Market. 27

8.1 China Apparent Consumption of LPG down 4.0% monthly in Mar’2013. 27

8.2 DATA: China’s Mar’2013 LPG Import & Export Volume. 28

9 Project Development in China. 30

9.1 Black & Veatch: Bazhou LNG Facility Starts Production. 30

9.2 HAO TIAN RES GP to Build LNG Fueling Stations in Xinjiang. 31

9.3 Gu Anzhong: Future of Chinese LNG Industry. 31

9.4 China Resources Gas Raises Maximum Deposits Limit at China Resources Bank to CNY 1.6 Bn  31

10 Others. 31

10.1 China’s oil, gas output up slightly in Q1. 31

10.2 China, France renew nuclear power cooperation. 32

Note:  The approximate conversion coefficient of the related units for Natural gas. 33

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