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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-weekly Report May 1-15, 2013
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SZ Review of China Natural Gas market in the 1H-May, 2013



China slightly hiked gasoline and diesel prices starting May 10, the first increase since the fuel pricing scheme was reformed in Mar. The retail price of both gasoline and diesel were raised by 95 yuan (15.32 U.S. dollars) per mt. The benchmark retail price of gasoline were increased by 0.07 yuan per liter and diesel by 0.08 yuan per liter.



China produced 9.21 billion cu m natural gas in Apr’2013, went up by 12.8% compared to last year, according to National Bureau of Statistics.


The total amount of China’s natural gas production in the first four months in 2013 was 38.66 billion cu m, which is 7.6% more than in the same period of last year.



LNG terminal projects, which are currently monopolized by the three state-owned Chinese oil industry giants, may well be opened up to private firms soon. Currently, China has five LNG terminal projects under operation, all are controlled by state energy firms CNOOC, PetroChina and Sinopec.


Höegh LNG has signed an agreement with GDF SUEZ which will form the basis for facilitating their use of the GDF SUEZ Cape Ann as the first floating storage and regasification unit in China. The vessel will serve the Tianjin project under a sub-charter between GDF SUEZ and China National Offshore Oil Corporation Gas & Power Ltd (CNOOC).



China National Petroleum Corp has started construction of an eastern section of its Third West-East gas pipeline in China. Work has started on the Ji’an-Fuzhou segment of the pipeline on May 9, which will run through southeastern Jiangxi and Fujian provinces, ending in the city of Fuzhou.



CNPC has begun rationing supplies in northern regions including the provinces of Shandong and Hebei due to changes in its supply structure, leading to consumer uncertainty not seen since shortages in 2010. The rationing is focused on Beijing, Hebei, Shandong and Shanxi, and it would reduce supply by between 20%-30% starting May 2.


China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report. 1


1.1      China Gas Production. 4

1.1.1         China’s natural gas output up 12.8% in Apr – NBS. 4

Table 1China Natural Gas Output in Jan-Apr’2013 (Unit: mil cu m) 4

1.1.2         China Gas Supplies May Fall Short of 2020 Target, Bernstein Says. 5

Table 2: China LNG Factory Maintenance Timetable in 1H-May’2013. 5

Table 3: Operating Rate and Output Of China LNG Factory In 1H-May’2012. 6

1.2      China Gas Consumption. 6

1.2.1 China Natural Gas Inc. Q1 Profit Grows. 6

1.2.2 Growth in Global Natural Gas Consumption Slowed in 2012. 7

1.3      China Gas Import & Export. 8

1.3.1 Taiwan: Apr LNG Imports Drop. 8

1.3.2 How China and Russia Came Together on Natural Gas Deal 8


Table 4China’s Natural Gas Initial Station Prices For Pipelines In May’2013. 9

Table 5Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Residents In May’2013. 10

Table 6Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Non-civilian In May’2013. 11

Table 7CNG Prices In Major Chinese Markets In May’2013 (For Auto Gas). 12

Table 8Truck Prices Of China LNG Factory (China) 1H-May’2013. 13

Table 9Truck Prices Of China LNG Terminals (Imported) 1H-May’2013. 14

Table 10LNG Landed Price Of China Major Areas 1H-May’2013. 14

Table 11: Truck Prices Of China CBM Factory (China) 1H-May’2013. 15

Table 12: Freight Prices List of China LNG Truck in 1H-May’2013. 15


3.1 China CNPC starts building eastern segment of Third West-East gas pipeline. 15

3.2 Clashes Likely To Delay Burma-China Pipeline Start-Up: Official 16

3.3 China-Myanmar Pipelines to Start Operating this Year 16


4.1 LNG terminal projects could be offered to private firms. 16

Table 13: China LNG Terminal Imported Structure In Mar’2013(by terminal). 17

Table 14 China LNG Import Price in Mar’2013 (Unit: Yuan/mt). 17


5.1 China raises gasoline, diesel prices. 18

5.2 China’s power consumption rises 6.8% in Apr. 18

5.3 Low charge in new-energy initiative. 18

5.4 Tougher taxes urged on emissions, use of resources. 19

5.5 China to further promote CCS efforts. 20


6.1 CNPC. 21

6.1.1 PetroChina Withdraws WestSide Bid. 21

6.1.2 CNPC reduces natural gas supply by 20%-30% in northern China. 21

6.2 Sinopec. 21

6.2.1 Sinopec’s first underground gas storage passed tests. 21

6.2.2 Production Capacity Building Launched for Sinopec’s First Coal Bed Methane Field. 22

6.3 CNOOC. 22

6.3.1 CNOOC and BG Group Sign Agreements for New LNG Supply and Purchase of QCLNG Stake. 22


7.1 China: Growing quickly, but slow to exploit its shale resources [May. 23

7.2 China struggles to unlock its huge shale gas potential. 23

7.3 China’s shale development faces obstacles. 25

8 Project Development in China. 26

8.1 Kunlun: LNG Well Flushing-Wax Removal Vehicle Shows Promising Results. 26

8.2 ABB Wins Service Agreement from China LNG Shipping. 26

8.3 King Long LNG Buses Delivered to Dongguan City. 27

8.4 TGE Marine Signs Contracts for Small Scale LNG Carrier in China. 27

8.5 GDF SUEZ Cape Ann to Serve as First FSRU in China. 27

8.6 China Resources to merge gas, power units as demand booms. 28

9 Others. 28

9.1 China’s Oil Imports Picked Up in Apr . 28

9.2 .China Seen Boosting Emergency Oil-Storage Capacity, IEA Says. 28

9.3 Chinese companies unveil their nuclear energy offers to SA. 29

9.4 China’s largest nuclear power firm renamed. 30

9.5 Mitsubishi controls used in new Chinese nuclear power plants. 30

Appendix 1:  Natural Gas Power & Nuclear Power Interest in China. 31

Appendix 2:  Regional Interest in nuclear power in China. 31

9.6 ECF Event - 3rd ECF Asia Shale Gas Summit (Shanghai) 2013 - ASG2013. 32

Contact Organizing Committee of 3rd ECF Asia Shale Gas Summit (Shanghai) 2013: 32

Note:  The approximate conversion coefficient of the related units for Natural gas. 32

Please see for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry. 33



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