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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-weekly Report Jun 16-30, 2013
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SZ Review of China Natural Gas market in the 2H-Jun, 2013


Chinese government will increase the price of natural gas for non-residential use on July 10, China’s top economic planner announced on Jun 28. The average price of non-residential natural gas will rise from 1.69 yuan (US$0.27) to 1.95 yuan per cubic meter, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The commission said the change was made in accordance with market mechanisms and reflects the true supply and demand situation.



China’s apparent consumption* of natural gas, including natural gas (gaseous) and liquefied natural gas(LNG), down 6.0% on monthly to 12.72 billion cu m in May’2013, up by 32.8% on yearly, according to SZ Energy survey.  


Import & Export:

China’s May’2013 Liquefied Natural Gas Import down 13.3% on-month to 1,352.1-kmt, and up 18.7% on-yr;

China’s May’2013 Natural Gas (Gaseous) Import down 8.7% on-month to 1,575.7-kmt, and up 100% on-yr;

China’s May’2013 Natural Gas (Gaseous) Export up 30.3% on-month to 141.9-kmt, and up 41.5% on-yr.


The Russian gas giant Gazprom wants to link the price charged on exports to China to the main Asian oil price index. That index is already being used to calculate the price of liquefied natural gas (LNG) produced by the Sakhalin-2 facility.



CNOOC Limited announced that the subsea natural gas pipeline of Zhuhai Terminal, leaked in December 2011, has been restored recently. The Zhuhai Terminal has also resumed normal production. 


Sinopec Corp has proposed a $3.1 billion ethylene plant in east China that would be the top Asian refiner’s first to use natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a petrochemical feedstock.


China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report. 1


1.1     China Gas Apparent Consumption. 3

1.1.1 China’s LNG Imports Went Up Remarkable In May’2013 -SZ Energy. 3

Table 1: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in May’2013. 4

Table 2: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China in Jan-May’2013. 4

1.1.2 China Gas Industry to Be Worth 670 Bln Cubic Meters by 2020. 4

Curve 1: Natural Gas Apparent Consumption in China from 2006 to May’2013. 5

Table 3: China LNG Factory Maintenance Timetable in 2H-Jun’2013. 6

Table 4: Operating Rate and Output Of China LNG Factory In 2H-Jun’2013. 7

1.2 China Gas Imports & Export. 7

1.2.1 SZ China DATA: China’s May’2013 Natural Gas Import & Export Volume  (Source: General Administration of Customs of China) 8

Table 5China Natural Gas Import & Export from Jan to May in 2013. 8

Table 6China Natural Gas Import & Export in May’2013. 8

Table 7China Natural Gas Import & Export in Jan–May’2013. 8

1.2.2 Gazprom to link gas price for China to Asian oil benchmark. 8


Table 8:China’s Natural Gas Initial Station Prices For Pipelines In Jun’2013. 9

Table 9:Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Residents In Jun’2013. 10

Table 10:Retail Prices Of Pipelined Gas In Major Cities For Non-civilian In Jun’2013. 11

Table 11:CNG Prices In Major Chinese Markets In Jun’2013 (For Auto Gas). 12

Table 12:Truck Prices Of China LNG Factory (China) 2H-Jun’2013. 13

Table 13:Truck Prices Of China LNG Terminals (Imported) 2H-Jun’2013. 15

Table 14:LNG Landed Price Of China Major Areas 2H-Jun’2013. 15

Table 15: Truck Prices Of China CBM Factory (China) 2H-Jun’2013. 16

Table 16: Freight Prices List of China LNG Truck in 2H-Jun’2013. 16


3.1 LR China, Hudong-Zhonghua Ink Classification Deal for Six LNG Tankers. 16

3.2 TGE Marine Signs Contract for Small Scale LNG Carrier in China. 17


4.1 CNOOC Repaires Zhuhai Terminal Pipeline. 17

4.2 Shell, Guanghui Energy Plan LNG Import Terminal in China. 17


5.1 China to lift non-residential natural gas prices. 18

5.2 State Grid expects more summer power demand. 18

5.3 EU firms eye China’s clean-tech market. 18

5.4 Russia-China Oil deals strengthen China’s energy supplies. 21


6.1 CNPC. 22

6.1.1 China gas distributors profitable as price controls slam PetroChina. 22

6.1.2 CNPC’s annual oil import from Russia to reach 46.1 –mil mt 23

6.1.3 CNPC, Total and Tethys to jointly develop oil and gas in Tajikistan. 24

6.1.4 CNPC and Russian oil and gas giants conclude agreements. 24

6.2 CNOOC. 25

6.2.1 CNOOC natural gas development platform to get Emerson automation. 25

6.3 Sinopec. 25

6.3.1 Sinopec proposes $3.1 bln natural gas, LPG-based ethylene project 25

6.3.2 Zorya-Mashproekt delivers last gas turbine-generator unit to China’s Sinopec. 26


7.1 Shale gas in China: how far from dream to reality?. 26

7.2 CNPC building China’s first shale gas pipeline. 31

7.3 MLR mulls new shale gas tender. 31

7.4 China considers pipeline for shale gas. 32

7.5 Shale gas production facing double hurdle. 32

8 CHINA LPG Market. 34

8.1 China Apparent Consumption of LPG down 4.0% monthly in May’2013. 34

9 Project Development in China. 35

9.1 Chart Buys Majority Stake in Xinye of China. 35

9.2 SGE Signs First Gas Sales Deal, China. 35

10 Others. 36

10.1 China Oil Demand Rose 1.9% in May Versus a Year Ago. 36

10.2 China Uranium enrichment plant opens to media. 37

10.3 China begins importing Iranian LPG after four-month halt. 38

10.4 ECF Event - 3rd ECF Asia Shale Gas Summit (Shanghai) 2013 - ASG2013. 38

Contact Organizing Committee of 3rd ECF Asia Shale Gas Summit (Shanghai) 2013: 38

Note:  The approximate conversion coefficient of the related units for Natural gas. 39

Please see for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry. 39


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Tel: 86 21 54383583 Fax: 86 2164607630


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