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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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sz China Refining Monthly Report Apr 2013
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Review of China Refining Market in Apr 2013


News Spot:


NDRC announced on Apr 10 that fuel prices will remain unchanged at the week even though it has pledged to track changes in global oil prices much faster under a new pricing mechanism.


As part of government efforts to push market-oriented pricing for energy resources, the NDRC announced in Mar it would shorten the fuel price adjustment cycle to 10 working days from 22 working days to better reflect changes in global oil markets.


Crude Refining:


China processed 40.83-mil mt of crude oil in Mar. That was down 2.3% from 9.84 million bpd in Feb this year. About 9.98 million bpd were processed on an average in the first two months of 2013, just under the record high of 10.15 million bpd in December, due to high utilization of new refining facilities amid signs of a modest pickup in fuel consumption.


China’s 35 major refineries are running at an average rate of 80.8% on Apr 18, a rise of 0.75 percentage points from two weeks ago because of facility restart.




China imported 20.78-mil mt, or 5.42 million bpd, of crude in Feb, down from 5.95 million bpd of crude in Feb 2012. China imported 2.0-mil mt of Iranian crude in Feb, equivalent to about 521,330 barrels per day (bpd), up 68% from 309,906 bpd in Jan.


Note: Since the National Bureau of Statistics did not release the monthly production data for oil products except Ethylene and Pure benzene, SZ China Refining Monthly Report-Apr’2013 will also stop releasing the related tables. We are sorry for the inconvenience we have caused to our subscribers.


China Refining Monthly Report-Apr’2013. 1

Please see ’’’’ for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry. 4

1 China Refining Topic News. 5

1.1 Market Overview:. 5

1.1.1 China fuel prices hit trigger point for a cut, new scheme eyed. 5

1.1.2 China Ships No Oil to N.Korea in Feb. 5

1.1.3 China’s foreign oil drive set to continue. 6

1.1.4 CNOOC starts first production from Beibu Gulf platform.. 6

1.1.5 Chinese oil demand increasing. 7

1.1.6 China’s petrochemical industry output value up 11.6% in Jan-Feb - NDRC. 7

1.1.7 China’s crude oil output up 1.7% in Jan-Feb - NDRC. 7

1.1.8 China to surpass US as top crude importer, OPEC says. 8

1.1.9 Refiner says cheap US gas threatens local industry. 8

1.1.10 China’s Mar refinery runs up 5.5 pct y/y. 9

1.1.11 Chinese oil demand slips to 7-mth low in Mar 9

1.1.12 Major Chinese refineries’ run rates rise to 80.8% on Apr 18. 9

1.1.13 China’s major refinery margins hold stable in mid-Apr 10

1.1.14 Chinese refinery daily throughput expected to fall 2.3% in Apr 10

1.1.15 China’s overseas equity oil, gas output likely to exceed 100-mil mt in 2013. 10

1.1.16 Sinopec targets 0.6% rise in 2013 crude output. 11

1.1.17 CNOOC’s crude, gas output rises 3.2% in 2012. 11

1.1.18 PetroChina’s distillate output grows 4.4%, sales up 5.3% in 2012. 11

1.2 Fuel Oil 12

1.2.1 HK suppliers settle Apr 380 CST bunker premium at $17-19/mt, from $16-19/mt in Mar 12

1.2.2 Fuel oil stocks in China eastern coast fall 3.84% - Apr 17. 12

1.2.3 Fuel oil stocks in China eastern coast rise 2.7% - Apr 3. 12

1.2.4 Chimbusco to supply 500cst bonded fuel oil at Qingdao in 2013. 13

1.3 Gasoline  13

1.3.1 Chinese Private wholesaler’s Diesel, gasoline stocks fall notably. 13

PetroChina Hebei to raise Apr oil product sales by 2.5%.. 13

1.4 Jet Fuel 13

1.4.1 China Aviation Oil Starts Operations at New JV South Korean Oil Terminal 13

1.4.2 PetroChina cuts Apr jet fuel price by 6.1%.. 14

1.4.3 China supplies 13.4% less jet fuel to international flight in Feb. 14

1.5 Diesel 14

1.5.1 NE China’s diesel demand from agriculture yet to recover 14

1.5.2 Petrol stations’ diesel sales worsen in first half of Apr 14

1.5.3 China trials first diesel-LNG fueled fishery administration ship. 15

1.5.4 Sinopec raises vehicle-use diesel ex-refinery prices. 15

1.5.5 Domestic diesel demand likely to stay weak in Apr 15

1.6 LPG  15

1.6.1 Chinese LPG distributors reduce stocks on weakening end-user demand – Apr 17. 15

1.6.2 Zhuhai Winbase builds more tanks for pressurized LPG. 16

1.6.3 China LPG supply from major refineries grows 1.2% in first half of Apr 16

1.6.4 Zhejiang Materials Industry buys Huachen Energy’s LPG terminal 16

1.6.5 Zhuhai NewOcean posts 15.6% rise in LPG sales in 2012. 16

1.6.6 ZOUEC’s LPG sales exceed 800,000mt in 2012. 17

1.6.7 LPG prices in southern China under more downward pressure. 17

1.7 Naphtha  17

1.7.1 Lower prices may weaken majors’ interest in China naphtha production. 17

1.7.2 Sinopec cuts Apr naphtha ex-refinery prices by Yuan 540/mt. 18

1.7.3 PetroChina cuts Apr naphtha ex-refinery price by 7.46%.. 18

1.8 Others  18

1.8.1 Sinopec slashes butadiene prices in East China by 7% to Yuan 13,000/mt. 18

1.8.2 Sinopec’s new Polypropylene grades enter South China Market. 18

1.8.3 Sinopec cuts East China LLDPE price by Yuan 200/mt to Yuan 10,600/mt. 19

1.8.4 China’s Mar synthetic rubber imports rise 44% on month, 10% on year 19

1.8.5 Producers link fall in China’s Q1 ABS demand to record drop in worldwide computer sales. 19

1.8.6 Fushun Mining cuts shale oil price by 2.6% - Apr 17. 19

1.8.7 Fushun Mining raises shale oil price by 1.2% - Apr 7. 20

1.9 China Oil Tank And Transportation. 20

1.9.1 Russian oil could take Kazakh route to China in 2014. 20

1.9.2 Lanzhou-Chengdu Crude Pipeline completed. 21

1.9.3 CNPC and KazMunayGas sign agreement on principles for expanding the Kazakhstan-China Crude Pipeline. 21

1.9.4 Chinese tanker loads Iranian oil, first since Jul 21

1.9.5 Sinochem to finish 150,000dwt Zhuhai jetty upgrade in late 2013. 22

1.10 China Refining & Petrochemical Construction. 22

1.10.1 Zhongpu Petchem to start up new aromatisation unit on Mar 29 – Mar 25. 22

1.11 China Oil Supply-Demand Overview in Jan-Mar’2013. 23

Jan-Mar’2013 China crude runs & oil products production:. 23

Mar’2013 China crude runs & oil products production:. 23

1.12 Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China & E. China over the past three months. 24

Curve 1: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.24/113% or /117%.. 24

Curve 2: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in E. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.24/113% or /117%.. 24

2      Major Refineries. 25

2. 1    Sinopec  25

2.1.1 South China –Sinopec Dongxing To cut crude throughput by 4.6% in Apr 25

2.1.2 South China - Sinopec Guangzhou To start CDU turnaround on May 1. 25

2.1.3 South China –Sinopec Hainan Refining & Chemical to resume normal LPG production around Apr 9  25

2.1.4 South China - Sinopec Maoming To raise throughput by 5.4% in Apr 25

2.1.5 North China - Sinopec Qilu to cut Apr throughput by 34% on turnaround. 26

2.1.6 North China - Sinopec cuts Shengli crude price by 5.3% for Apr 26

2.1.7 North China –Sinopec Yanshan to cut Apr throughput by 2-3%.. 26

2.1.8 Central China - Sinopec Changling up Apr throughput by 3.3%.. 26

2.1.9 Central China - Sinopec Wuhan to cut daily crude run by 1.5% in Apr 27

2.1.10 Central China - Sinopec Anqing maintains stable throughput in Apr 27

2.1.11 East China - Sinopec Shanghai’s crude throughput rises 3% in 2012. 27

2. 2 CNPC (PetroChina). 27

2.2.1 Northeast China –PetroChina Jinzhou to keep stable crude run in Apr 27

2.2.2 North China - PetroChina reduces Apr Daqing, Jidong crude prices by 5%.. 28

2.2.3 Southwest China –PetroChina gets approval for 10-mil mt/yr Yunnan refinery. 28

2.2.4 South China –PetroChina Guangxi to end turnaround in late Apr 28

2.3 CNOOC  29

2.3.1 South China - CNOOC to maintain stable throughput at Huizhou refinery in Apr 29

2.3.2 CNOOC’s refining throughput rises 15.2% on year to 602,400 b/d in 2012. 29

2.4 Independent Refineries. 29

2.4.1 Shandong Independent Refineries. 29

2.4.2 Guangdong minor refineries run stable at 12.7% - Mar 21. 30

2.5 Refinery Turnarounds. 31

3      Policy, Regulation & Law.. 32

3.1 China to cut gasoline, diesel prices. 32

3.2 Beijing cuts domestic fuel prices 5.8%.. 32

3.3 China not to adjust oil product prices as international crude stays flat: NDRC. 32

3.4 Oil pricing reform spearheads China’s marketization push. 33

3.5 New oil product pricing scheme likely to damp speculative demand. 33

3.6 CNPC gets new chairman. 34

3.7 China’s Q1 power consumption up 4.3%.. 34

3.8 China depends more on overseas oil 34

3.9 Hainan to raise fuel surcharges on Mar 27 – Mar 26. 35

4      China Oil Products Import & Export. 35

4.1 China’s Feb crude imports from Iran up 81 pct on yr 35

4.2 China Confirms Feb Oil Data; Crude Imports Down 2.4% on Year 36

4.3 Russian oil producer Rosneft to double crude-oil deliveries to China. 36

4.4 China Oil Data Show Mar Crude Imports 23.05-mil mt, Down 2.1% on Year 36

4.5 China Feb Gasoline Exports Rise to 11-Month High as Output Gains. 37

4.6 Kuwait’s crude oil exports to China stand at 190,000 bpd. 37

4.7 Xinjiang HPGI to import feedstock LPG by train in late 2013. 37

4.8 PetroChina to export 220,000mt of gasoline in Apr 38

4.9 China imports most diesel from South Korea in Feb. 38

4.10 China’s Diesel exports drop 33% in Feb. 38

4.11 China Crude imports from Mideast rise 3.8% in Jan-Feb. 38

4.12 China’s fuel oil imports estimated down 30% in Mar 39

4.13 WEPEC to continue naphtha exports in Apr 39

4.14 Sinopec to export 140,000mt distillates from Hainan in Apr 39

4.15 China’s imported LPG stocks fall to 43.5% of storage capacity. 39

4.16 OIL DATA: Oil Products Imports & Exports in China in Feb’2013. 40

5 Jan-Feb’2013         China Data. 41

5.1 Jan-Mar’2013 China Refineries on Ethylene & Pure benzene production      Unit: KMt. 41


Please see ’’’’ for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry.


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