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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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sz China Refining Monthly Report-Aug’2013
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Review of China Refining Market in Aug 2013


News Spot:


The National Development & Reform Commission announced to make no adjustment in oil product prices on Aug 16 as the theoretical price rise is less than Yuan 50/mt based on the average benchmark crude price in the past ten working days.


NDRC will take the unrealized price hike into consideration when adjusting fuel prices next time.


The government also did not adjust domestic fuel prices on Aug 2 due to the same reason.


Crude Refining:


Sinopec and PetroChina are expected to process a combined 30.55-mil mt of crude in Aug, with the daily throughput to hit the lowest level of this year. The 985,500mt/day of throughput is down by 3.87% from the previous month.


Sinopec set its crude throughput target for Aug at 19.1-19.3-mil mt, with daily throughput to fall by 4.05% month on month. PetroChina is expected to refine 11.2-11.4-mil mt of crude in Aug, down by 3.58% on a daily basis from Jul.




China’s total net crude oil imports and domestic production far surpassed its total refining throughput in Jul, suggesting a crude stockbuild of some 665,000 b/d during the month.


Note: Since the National Bureau of Statistics did not release the monthly production data for LPG and Naphtha, SZ China Refining Monthly Report-Aug’2013 will also stop releasing the related tables. We are sorry for the inconvenience we have caused to our subscribers.


China Refining Monthly Report-Aug’2013. 1

Please see ’’’’ for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry. 4

Contact Organizing Committee of 3rd ECF Asia Shale Gas Summit (Shanghai) 2013: 5

1 China Refining Topic News 6

1.1 Market Overview: 6

1.1.1 China may grant crude import quota to independent refiners. 6

1.1.2 Aug crude throughput of Sinopec, PetroChina to touch year’s low.. 6

1.1.3 China’s Jul crude imports set new high. 6

1.1.4 China’s major refinery margins fall on stronger crudes – Aug 7. 7

1.1.5 Sinopec increases Shengli crude price by 2.65% for Aug. 7

1.1.6 PetroChina raises Aug Daqing crude prices after four-month drops. 7

1.1.7 NW China, Shandong boost crude imports notably in H1’13. 8

1.1.8 China’s crude imports from Iraq, Oman hit 10 –mil mt in H1. 8

1.1.9 Sinopec’s crude output grows 1.44% in H1’13. 8

1.1.10 Sinopec posts 5.17% rise in H1 crude throughput 8

1.1.11 China’s crude stocks drop 1.42% in Jun. 9

1.1.12 China looks to further open crude oil import market 9

1.1.13 China’s Jul crude stockbuild rises to 665,000 b/d, highest since May ’12. 10

1.1.14 China move to curb excess capacity has petrochemicals sector on edge. 11

1.2 Fuel Oil 12

1.2.1 East, central China’s fuel oil supply to rise 2% in Aug. 12

1.2.2 Fuel oil stocks in China eastern coast slightly build – Aug 14. 12

1.2.3 S China fuel oil supply expected to rise 30% in Aug. 12

1.2.4 Internal-trade fuel oil freight inches down on weaker shipping demand – Aug 12. 12

1.2.5 Northern China’s fuel oil supply expected to fall 5.3% in Aug. 12

1.2.6 China’s fuel oil output rises 22% in Jul 13

1.2.7 Fuel oil stocks in China eastern coast fall 5.2% - Aug 7. 13

1.3 Gasoline  13

1.3.1 PetroChina cuts Aug distillates supply from NE refineries by 6%.. 13

1.3.2 China Major refiners still prefer gasoline production in Aug. 14

1.4 Jet Fuel 14

1.4.1 Sinopec raises Aug jet fuel prices by 3.24%.. 14

1.4.2 PetroChina increases Aug jet fuel price by 3.3%.. 14

1.4.3 China supplies 7% less jet fuel to international flight in H1. 14

1.5 Diesel 15

1.5.1 High temperatures dampen end-users’ diesel consumption. 15

1.5.2 China’s Diesel Output Rises in Jul Even as Exports Are Curbed. 15

1.6 LPG  15

1.6.1 LPG supply from major refineries falls 3.9% in 1H Aug. 15

1.6.2 Barge LPG supply from northern China increases 32%.. 16

1.6.3 S China major refiners’ LPG supply down 3.8% in second half of Jul 16

1.6.4 PetroChina, Yanchang Petroleum step into Hubei LPG market 16

1.6.5 Dragon Aromatics buys LPG as feedstock for aromatics complex. 16

1.6.6 Barge LPG supply from northern China increases 47% - Jul 26. 17

1.6.7 China’s apparent LPG consumption rises 13.71% in Jun. 17

1.7 Naphtha  17

1.7.1 China’s naphtha output estimated up 6.9% in Jul 17

1.7.2 PetroChina further raises Aug naphtha ex-refinery price. 17

1.7.3 Sinopec raises Jul naphtha ex-refinery prices by Yuan 140/mt 17

1.8 Others  18

1.8.1 Fushun Mining raises shale oil price by 0.7% - Aug 12. 18

1.8.2 New Sept import PVC prices surface higher in China on supply constraints. 18

1.8.3 China’s PP market firm on support from propylene, local prices. 19

1.8.4 HDPE loses premium over LDPE, LLDPE in China. 19

1.8.5 Tight styrene monomer supply expected in China on plant turnarounds in NE Asia, limited US arbitrage volumes  20

1.8.6 Chinese market for medical polymers to exceed US$4 bln by 2017. 20

1.9 China Oil Tank And Transportation. 21

1.9.1 Southern Petrochemical takes over Titan’s Nansha tank farm.. 21

1.10 China Refining & Petrochemical Construction. 21

1.10.1 Dow and JM Davy License LP Oxo to license LP Oxo technology to PetroChina Guangdong Petrochemical Co. 21

1.10.2 BASF plans to build new Ultramid polymerization plant in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. 21

1.10.3 Sinochem delays trial runs at new Chinese refinery. 22

1.10.4 China’s Tianjin Bohai PDH plant to get Algeria propane, second after UAE lot 22

1.11 China Oil Supply-Demand Overview in Jan-Jul’2013. 23

Jan-Jul’2013 China crude runs & oil products production: 23

Jul’2013 China crude runs & oil products production: 24

China’s Crude Throughput & oil Products Yield Rate in Jan-Jul’2013 (Unit: mil mt): 24

1.12 Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China & E. China over the past three months. 25

Curve 1: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.17/113% or /117%.. 25

Curve 2: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in E. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.17/113% or /117%.. 25

2     Major Refineries 25

2. 1    Sinopec  25

2.1.1 South China –Sinopec Hainan Refining & Chemical to cut throughput by 80% in Aug. 25

2.1.2 East China - Sinopec Shanghai to increase Aug crude run by 0.75%.. 26

2.1.3 Central China - Sinopec Anqing to delay new unit start-up till late Aug. 26

2.1.4 Central China - Sinopec Wuhan trials new naphtha cracker 26

2.1.5 Central China - Sinopec Wuhan to raise Aug crude throughput by 3.6%.. 26

2. 2 CNPC (PetroChina) 26

2.2.1 Northwest China –PetroChina Urumchi to start up new CDU in late Oct 26

2.2.2 Northwest China - PetroChina Urumchi to start turnaround on Aug 10. 27

2.2.3 Southwest China – PetroChina Qingyang to halt LPG supply on overall turnaround. 27

2.2.4 Northeast China - PetroChina Fushun to cut crude run by 3% in Aug. 27

2.2.5 Northeast China - PetroChina Daqing Refining & Chemical to halt LPG supply on turnaround. 27

2.2.6 Southwest China - PetroChina may close Nanchong refinery in Sichuan. 28

2.2.5 Southwest China - PetroChina to start up 10-mil mt/year Yunnan refinery in late 2015. 28

2.3 CNOOC  28

2.3.1 South China - CNOOC delays start-up at new Hainan DCC plant to Dec. 28

2.3.2 South China - CNOOC to maintain stable throughput at Huizhou refinery in Aug. 28

2.4 Independent Refineries. 29

2.4.1 Shandong Independent Refineries. 29

2.4.2 FREP to start overall turnaround in mid-Oct 1. 30

2.5 Refinery Turnarounds. 31

3     Policy, Regulation & Law. 31

3.1 China makes no adjustment in fuel prices on Aug 16. 31

3.2 China publishes draft regulation for gas infrastructure, seeks feedback. 32

3.3 China’s Jul power consumption accelerates. 32

3.4 New green policy gives industries a big boost 33

3.5 China Will Continue to Use Coal as a Major Generating Source. 33

3.6 China’s Refineries Create Worldwide Glut While Independents Buck Beijing’s Control 35

4     China Oil Products Import & Export 36

4.1 E China’s fuel oil imports to drop 5% in Aug. 36

4.2 Bohai Bay’s Aug fuel oil imports to fall 16.5%.. 37

4.3 China’s imported LPG stocks rise to 69.9% of storage capacity. 37

4.4 China’s refined oil imports down 0.91% in Jul 37

4.5 China’s imported LPG stocks fall to 69.2% of storage capacity – Aug 5. 37

4.6 WEPEC to export two MR-sized cargoes of gasoline in Aug. 37

4.7 China’s fuel oil imports estimated to drop 17% in Jul 38

4.8 China’s imported LPG stocks rise to 73.6% of storage capacity – Jul 29. 38

4.9 China’s diesel exports rebound notably in H1’13. 38

4.10 China’s H1 gasoline exports near 8-year high. 38

4.11 Indonesia still largest receiver of Chinese gasoline in H1. 39

4.12 OIL DATA: Oil Products Imports & Exports in China in Jun’2013. 39

5 Jan-Jul’2013           China Data. 40

5.1 Jan-Jul’2013 China Refineries on Ethylene & Pure benzene production      Unit: KMt 40



Please see ’’’’ for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry.

SZ Energy Intelligence Co., Ltd

Add: 19-101, Lane 111, Fudu Road, Shanghai, 201100, P.R.China

Email: Tel: 86 21 54383583  Fax: 86 21 64607630

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