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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Refining Monthly Report-Oct’2010
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China Refining Monthly Report-Oct’2010 1
1 China Refining Topic News 5
1.1China imported 23.29-mil mt of crude hit record in Sept’2010 5
1.2 NDRC confirms 43.73-mil mt crude oil output in Aug’2010 6
1.3 China oil consumption climbs in Aug’2010, but down from Jun’2010 peak 6
1.4 China top refineries cut Oct’2010 runs, hope for fuel hike 6
1.5 Chinese major refineries’s run rate inches up to 86.73% in mid Oct’2010 7
1.6 Petrochina daily crude throughput to hit year’s high in Oct’2010 7
1.7 NW.China -Xinjiang to expand petroleum refining capacity by 40-mil mt in the coming years 8
1.8 China’s commercial inventories of oil products slip 5.4% on month end Aug’2010 8
1.9 Sinopec to build 150,000 cu m oil product storage tank in Chongqing 8
1.10 SW China-Kunming, Yunna oil tank explosion injures four 9
1.11 Shandong Dongying Port to build oil storage base 9
1.12 Sinopec to build large oil storage base in Taizhou, Zhejiang 9
1.13 Longkou Bingang oil tank farm in Shandong to start operation of 100,000-cu-m fuel oil tanks year end 9
1.14 CNOOC second-phase oil storage give the hot rolled plate contract to Baosteel 10
1.15 China’s retail fuel price hike pending on surging oil price 10
1.16 E. China’s fuel oil demand from industrial users may be impacted by restricted power 10
1.17 China base oil prices further mount up after National Day Holiday 10
1.18 Sinopec raises inner settlement prices of diesel by yuan 150/mt 11
1.19 CNAF down Q4 benchmark price of jet supplied to China Airlines by 2% to yuan 5,490/mt 11
1.20 E. China ’s LPG supply from major refineries up 7.5% in H1 Oct 11
1.21 China naphtha ex-refinery prices lift by Sinopec in yuan 390/mt in Nov 12
1.22 S.China will export  97,000mt of distillates in Oct to Sinopec,down 43% on month 12
1.23 SW.China to receive 733,800mt distillates from Sinopec via pipeline up 2% on month 12
1.24 China petcoke prices steady during National Day Holiday 12
1.25 Shell accelerate developing oil retail network in China 13
1.26 CNPC leading African refining investments 14
1.27 Sinopec to invest in Repsol unit 15
1.28 Sinopec buys into Brazilian oil project 15
1.29 China, Syria discuss reviving refinery project 16
1.30 Sinopec and South African Petrosa discuss refinery 16
1.31 Sinopec refineries receive half crude oil via pipelines 17
1.32 Brightoil starts construction of 5-mil-cu-m terminal in Zhoushan, East China 17
1. 33 China Oil Supply-Demand Overview in Sep’2010 17
Jan-Sep’2010 China crude runs & oil products production: 18
Sep’2010 China crude runs & oil products production: 18
China’s Crude Throughput & oil Products Yield Rate in Jan-Sep’2010 (Unit: mil mt): 19
1.34 Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China & E. China over the past three months 20
Curve 1: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.68/113% or /117% 20
Curve 2: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in E. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.68/113% or /117% 20
2 Major Refineries 21
2. 1 Sinopec 21
2.1.1 S. China –Sinopec Maoming to cut petcoke output by 50% on coker maintenance 21
2.1.2 S. China –Sinopec’s Hainan Oil Refinery process 6% more crude oil in Oct’2010 21
2.1.3 S. China –Sinopec Dongxing Oct’s crude throughput stable at 13,000mt/day 21
2.1.4 E. China - Sinopec Jiujiang adds units to boost diesel quality 21
2.1.5 E.China - Sinopec Jiujiang commences construction of two CFB boilers mid Sep’2010 21
2.1.6 E. China - Sinopec Gaoqiao Nov’2010 crude throughput down by 30% on turnaround 22
2.1.7 C. China - Sinopec Luoyang’s crude capacity raises by a quarter 22
2.1.8 C. China - Sinopec Luoyang’s 2.6-mil mt/Yr diesel hydrotreating unit start operational 22
2.1.9 C. China-Sinopec Changling completes crude unit’s construction 23
2.1.10 N. China - Sinopec Ji’nan Oct’2010 crude throughput stable at 390,000mt 23
2.1.11 N. China - Sinopec Ji’nan to launch 500,000 mt/yr coker on Oct 20, 2010 23
2.1.12 N. China - Sinopec Qingdao Refinery Oct crude throughput stable at 27,000mt/day 23
2.1.13 N. China - Tianjin’s annual oil refining capacity to hit 31-mil mt during 12th 5-Year Plan 23
2.1.14 NW. China -Sinopec Tahe Branch refining capacity hit 5-mil mt 24
2. 2 CNPC (PetroChina) 24
2.2.1 N. China - Petrochina Huabei Oct’2010 crude throughput up to 420,000mt 24
2.2.2 N. China - Petrochina Dagang to consume 380,000mt of crude in Oct’2010 24
2.2.2 NE. China - Petrochina Jinxi Oct’2010 crude throughput up by 122% after maintnenace 24
2.2.3 NE. China - Petrochina Daqing Petrochemical to keep daily crude throughput flat at 18,000mt in Oct’2010 25
2.2.4 NE. China - Petrochina Jilin conducts successful trial run on 1.6-mil mt/yr diesel hydrotreating unit 25
2.2.5 NE. China - Petrochina Dalian’s 2010 crude oil consumption may reach 17.5-mil mt 25
2.2.6 NW. China - Petrochina Dushanzi to refine 700,000mt crude in Oct’2010 25
2.2.7 S. China - Petrochina Qinzhou eyes commercial runs end-Oct’2010 26
2. 3 CNOOC 26
2.3.1 NE. China - CNOOC to put 1-mil mt/yr refinery into production in Yingkou 26
2.3.2 N. China - CNOOC to reconstruct heavy oil research center in Shandong Qingdao City 26
2. 4 Independent Refineries 26
2.4.1 Shandong independents’ oil product inventories drop over brisk sales 26
2.4.2 Shandong independent refineries run at 47.6% in mid Oct’2010, down 2% from end Sep’2010 27
2. 5 Other Refineries 27
2.5.1 Yanchang Petroleum produces over 3-mil mt crude oil in Q3’2010 27
2.6 Main China refineries’ Crude Runs and Run Rates in Oct’2010               Unit:10kt 28
2.7 Refinery Turnarounds 29
3 Policy, Regulation & Law 30
3.1 China works to double SPR capacity by 2013 30
3.2 China rapidly building oil refineries, potentially impacting oil prices 33
3.3 China eight more companies granted oil product wholesale licenses 34
3.4 China sets 2011 non state crude and fuel oil quotas 34
3.5 Japanese oil major to resume base oils supplies to China in Oct’2010 34
3.6 China’s drafting offshore oil and gas pipeline protection Law 35
3.7 Shenzhen to implement GB IV Automotive Gasoline Standard 35
3.8 Freight rates for shipping fuel oil from north to East and South China rise 35
4 China Oil Products Import & Export 36
4.1 China estimated to Oct’2010 fuel oil imports by 3% 36
4.2 S. China Oct fuel oil imports estimated to rise 30% to 300,000-350,000mt 36
4.3 China’s import diesel fuel in Aug’ 2010 36
4.4 Venezuela PDVSA temporarily curbs its efforts to boost exports to China 37
4.5 China Aviation Oil, BP tie up on oil supply 38
4.6 Chinese imports of Saudi oil will rise 19% this year to 50-mil mt 38
4.7 China to import more oil from Arab countries 38
4.8 China to receive rare US Group II base oils in Q4 2010 39
4.9 China look to Africa to satisfy expanding appetite for fuel 40
4.10 Angola is China’s biggest oil supplier In August 40
4. 11 OIL DATA: Oil Products Imports & Exports in China in Aug’2010 41
5 Jan-Sep’2010 China Data 42
5.1 Sep’2010 Crude Oil Production in China      Unit: KMt 42
5.2 Sep’2010 China Refineries on Crude Throughput      Unit: KMt 43
5.3 Sep’2010 China Refineries on Gasoline/Gas Oil production   Unit: KMt 44
5.4 Sep’2010 China Refineries on Kerosene & Fuel Oil production   Unit: KMt 45
5.5 Sep’2010 China Refineries on LPG & Asphalt production      Unit: KMt 46
5.6 Sep’2010 China Refineries on Lubricating Grease & Solvent Naphtha production      Unit: KMt 47
5.7 Sep’2010 China Refineries on Naphtha & Petroleum Coke production      Unit: KMt 48
5.8 Sep’2010 China Refineries on Ethylene & Pure benzene  production      Unit: KMt 49

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