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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report Mar 1-15 2010
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China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report 1
1.1 Gas Apparent Consumption 3
1.1.1 C. Asia supply to ease China’s gas shortage 3
1.2 Domestic Production 4
1.2.1 PetroChina’s Jilin Oilfield to double gas output by 2015 4
1.2.2 China may emulate U.S. ‘Quiet Revolution’ in shale gas output 4
1.2.3 Sinopec’s Tahe Oilfield to expand oil and gas production capacity to 15 mln t by 6
1.3 Imports & Exports 6
1.3.1 Chinese gas and diesel exports still high in January 6
1.3.2 China, Russia reach initial gas cooperation agreement 6
1.3.3 China to increase LNG imports, facilities 6
1.3.4 China’s LNG imports in Jan 2010 up by 41% on month: GAC 7
2.1 A confucian mess: natural gas pricing in China 8
2.2 China to link natural gas price with oil 9
3.1 West-East Gas Pipeline’s delivery volume hits 65.9-bln cu m 9
3.2 Guangdong to invest RMB 47.6 bln in gas network 10
3.3 China’s Guangdong plans $7 bln gas grid by 2020 10
3.4 Sichuan-Shanghai gas pipeline to start up in May 10
3.5 Sinopec to forge 1,660-km LNG pipeline 10
3.6 CNOOC’s 88-km Haikou-Wenchang gas pipeline in Hainan enters operation 11
3.7 Construction started on first underground gas storage reservoir in Chongqing 11
4.1 CNOOC in talks to build new LNG terminal 12
4.2 New LNG terminals planned 12
4.3 Cnooc Sees New LNG Deals, OK For More Terminals In 2010 12
5.1 China will carry out a new round of oil and gas resources surveys in 2010 13
5.2 China eyes more LNG; plays down Russia gas deal 13
5.3 China positive toward resolving gas field dispute 14
5.4 China to increase LNG imports, facilities 14
5.5 Natural gas price to be linked with oil price 15
6.1 PetroChina (CNPC) 15
6.1.1 Woodside Petroleum still in LNG talks with PetroChina 15
6.1.2 CNPC confirms bid for Australian coal-bed gas supplier 16
6.1.3 PetroChina may re-select the location of its LNG project 16
6.1.4 CNPC cuts in natural gas power generation sector 17
6.1.5 PetroChina subsidiary aims to double gas output by 2015 17
6.2 Sinopec 17
6.2.1 Sinopec’s Zhongyuan eyes rebirth on Puguang gas field 17
6.3 CNOOC 18
6.3.1 Dwingding home turf,growing overseas exposure 18
6.3.2 China Offshore Oil to sign long-term LNG contracts 18
6.4 Other Players in China 19
6.4.1 China Oil and Gas to raise HK$725 mln through rights issue 19
6.4.2 China Gas mulls takeovers, focuses on customer base 19
6.4.3 China Gas to own Zhongyu Gas in May 19
6.4.4 China Natural Gas announces fourth quarter and year end 2009 financial results 20
7.1 CNPC: gets OK for foreign coal bed methane partners 21
8.1 Sinopec expects more LPG output on higher crude run target in Q2 22
8.2 BP may sell 200,000-cu-m refrigerated LPG storage in Zhuhai, S. China 22
9. Project Development 23
9.1 China’s Yanchang to explore for Thai gas, oil 23
9.2 Japan, Taiwan, Korea may sink natural gas shipments 23
9.4 New natural gas transmission project kicked off in Guangdong 23
9.5 China, Russia Reach initial gas cooperation agreement 23
9.6 Gas poisoning kills 3, injures 6 in central China 24
9.7 China  Natural Gas announces installation contract for Jingbian liquefied natural gas project 24
9.8 Guangdong natural gas pipeline project kicks off construction 25
9.9 Chongqing Minsheng Gas to launch 50,000-cubic-metre/day LNG project in Mar 25
10. Others 26
10.1 China’s Feb refinery throughput at record high 26
10.2 China 2010 finished oil prices estimated to go up 26

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