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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report Jul 16-31 2010
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China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly
1.1 Gas Apparent Consumption 4
1.1.1 China’s natural gas consumption to double during 2011-2015 4
1.1.2 Chongqing to face 1.5 bln cubic meter natural gas shortage in 2010 4
1.2 Domestic Production 4
1.2.1 PetroChina Changqing H1 oil and gas output up 14 pct 4
1.2.2 Sinopec Northwest H1 gas output record 782 million cubic meters 5
1.2.3 CNOOC gained control over East China Sea’s Lishui 36-1 gas field 5
Table 1:China Natural Gas Output in June’2010 (Unit:million cubic meters) 5
Table 2:China Natural Gas Output in Jan-Jun’2010 (Unit: mil cubic meters) 6
1.3 Imports & Exports 7
1.3.1 Turkmenistan to expand cooperation with China Natural Gas 7
Table 3:China Natural Gas Import/Export in May’2010 8
Table 4:China Natural Gas Import/Export in Dec’2009-May’2010 8
Table 5:China’s LNG Imports by Source in May’2010 8
Table 6:China’s LPG Imports by Source in May’2010 8
Table 7:China’s Natural Gas Wellhead Prices in Jul’2010 9
Table 8: Retail Prices of Pipelined Gas in Major Cities for Residents in Jul’2010 10
Table 9: Retail Prices of Pipelined Gas in Major Cities for Industry in Jul’2010 11
Table 10: Retail Prices of Pipelined Gas in Major Cities for Commercial in Jul’2010 12
Table 11:CNG Prices in Major Chinese Markets in Jul’2010 (for Auto Gas) 13
Table 12:LNG Spot Prices in Major Chinese Markets in 1H-Jul’2010 14
2.1 China’s natural gas price hike at wellhead passing to retail 14
2.2 Changfeng Energy receives approval to increase natural gas prices 15
3.1 China plans to expand natural gas storage facilities in the next few years 15
3.2 Central Asia gas will reach Jiangxi and Hunan province soon 16
3.3 Natural gas pipeline installation project completed in Jiangxi Province 16
3.4 Tianjin Gas has been transforming the old pipeline 25000 16
3.5 Sinopec Sichuan-to-East trunk pipeline in full operation by end-June 17
3.6 Rolls-Royce won a contract from Petrochina for China gas pipeline 17
4.1 Natural gas heavy truck to become new growth point in China 17
4.2 LNG heavy truck of Shaanxi cooperates with CNOOC 18
5.1 China plans new resource tax on coal oil and gas in western areas 18
5.2 China government will come out with environmental protection guidelines for overseas investment soon 19
6.1 PetroChina (CNPC) 19
6.1.1 PetroChina inked an agreement with Tianjin Towngas Group 19
6.1.2 CNPC intends to increase crude oil, natural gas supplies in Second Half 19
6.1.3 CNPC inks gas cooperation agreement with China Resources 20
6.1.4 CNPC centered on natural gas transmission project 20
6.1.5 CNPC plans to add crude oil resources, raise natural gas output in H2 20
6.2 Sinopec 20
6.2.1 Sinopec regroups its natural gas sector for new growth point 20
6.3 CNOOC 21
6.3.1 CNOOC approved to develop oil & gas resources in Uganda 21
6.3.2 CNOOC starts formal run of LNG power generating unit in Fujian 21
6.4 Other Players in China 22
6.4.1 China Gas profit jumps more than sevenfold on sales and derivative gains 22
6.4.2 China Gas to wholly own liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) unit 22
6.4.3 China Natural Gas acquires CNG compressor station in Hanchuan, China 22
6.4.4 China Natural Gas completes single machine test run and ignition ceremony 23
6.4.5 Erdos Xingxing Energy halts 1.0-mil cu m/d LNG unit for 2-3-day adjustment 23
6.4.6 China Resources, Tianjin Gas agree to $590m venture 23
6.4.7 Shenzhen Gas profit hit CNY 203 mln in H1 24
7.1 China’s presence grows in unconventional gas and oil markets 24
7.2 CNPC targets 500mln cu.m of shale gas output before 2015 25
7.3 Sinopec to explore shale gas in Sichuan, 1st shale gas exploration project division 26
7.4 CNPC to develop coal seam gas resources in Xinjiang with BP Plc 26
7.5 Underground Coal Gasification project in Inner Mongolia 27
7.6 India and China will soon produce natural gas from shale 27
7.7 Xebec receives its first Chinese order for a biogas upgrading plant - WELtec BioPower 28
8.1 China’s Jul LPG imports unlikely to breach 200,000mt 29
8.2 Guangdong to collect Yuan 0.04/cu m of price regulation fund on wholesale LPG 29
Table 13: LPG Apparent Consumption in China in May’2010: 30
Table 14: LPG Apparent Consumption in China in Jan-May’2010: 30
9. Project Development 31
9.1 Natural gas project in South XinJiang 31
9.2 CNOOC to begin tests for natural gas in Northern Kenya 31
9.3 China’s 1st wholly-foreign-owned gas-fired power plant opens in Xiamen 31
9.4 Sinopec: Addax finds high-yield oil and gas flow from a block in Nigeria 32
10. Others 32
10.1 Russian, Central Asian gas to China 32
10.2 China oil refining rises at slowest pace in 8 months 33

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