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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly Report Aug 16-31 2010
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China Natural Gas Bi-Weekly
1.1 Gas Apparent Consumption 4
1.1.1 China’s natural gas consumption to enter into low season in autumn - NDRC 4
1.1.2 China’s natural gas consumption to skyrocket in coming 10 years 4
1.1.3 Jiangsu Wuxi City starts using natural gas from Sichuan Province 4
1.2 Domestic Production 5
1.2.1 PetroChina to raise natural gas output of Qinghai Oil Field 42% 5
1.2.2 Petrochina to boost natural gas output at Tarim Field 5
1.2.3 Sinopec test well Yuanba-204 at Sichuan gets 1.265mln cu.m/d gas flow 5
1.2.4 CAMAC begins appraisal drilling at its Zijinshan Gas Asset in China 6
1.2.5 Ivanhoe Energy begins drilling at Yixin-2 in its Zitong gas exploration block in Sichuan, China 7
Table 1:China Natural Gas Output in Jul’2010 (Unit: mil cubic meters) 8
Table 2:China Natural Gas Output in Jan-Jul’2010 (Unit: mil cubic meters) 9
1.3 Imports & Exports 9
1.3.1 China’s Jul’10 LNG imports fall slightly from Jun’10 but increased 77% from Jan to Jul’10 9
1.3.2 China imported 380 million cubic metres Central Asia gas in Jul’10 9
1.3.3 CNOOC plans to import 8-mil mt LNG in 2010 10
Table 3:China Natural Gas Import/Export in Jul’2010 10
Table 4:China Natural Gas Import/Export in Jan-Jul’2010 10
2.1 CNPC said China natural gas price is very low,oil price increase for natural gas expected 11
Table 5:China’s Natural Gas Wellhead Prices in Aug’2010 11
Table 6: Retail Prices of Pipelined Gas in Major Cities for Residents in Aug’2010 12
Table 7: Retail Prices of Pipelined Gas in Major Cities for Industry in Aug’2010 13
Table 8: Retail Prices of Pipelined Gas in Major Cities for Commercial in Aug’2010 14
Table 9:CNG Prices in Major Chinese Markets in Aug’2010 (for Auto Gas) 15
Table 10:LNG Spot Prices in Major Chinese Markets in 2H Aug’2010 16
3.1 Sinopec Sichuan-to-East gas pipeline goes into commercial operation 16
3.2 Russia to build a natural gas pipeline to China link before South Stream 17
3.3 First Russian gas tanker forges Arctic passage to China 17
3.4 Guangdong Pipeline Operator and CNOOC sign gas agreement 18
3.5 PetroChina extends pipeline network with Telvent Real-Time IT Systems 18
3.6 PetroChina Tianjin Natural Gas Pipeline Company Limited established 19
3.7 Tianjin plan to build underground gas to guarantees a cozy winter 19
3.8 Central Asia Gas Pipeline B line Operational end-Aug could bring China up 9 bil cubic meters more natural gas a year 20
4.1 Xinjiang Guanghui to promote domestic made LNG truck 20
4.2 Sinopec first LNG service station starts operation in Guiyang City 20
4.3 Kunlun Energy to spend 2.2 billion to buy PetroChina Dalian LNG 21
5.1 China to refund consumption tax on imported fuel oil used to produce ethylene, aromatics 21
5.2 NDRC reviewing China oil pricing mechanism 22
5.3 China to increase renewable energy investment 22
6.1 PetroChina (CNPC) 22
6.1.1 CNPC will build Xinjiang into China’s largest oil and gas production base 22
6.1.2 PetroChina to build LNG facility to supply Tibet 23
6.1.3 PetroChina acquired Australian Arrow Jointly with Shell 24
6.1.4 PetroChina terminates asset buy from subsidiary, CNPC 24
6.1.5 PetroChina inks strategic cooperative agreement with Henan province 24
6.2 Sinopec 25
6.2.1 Sinopec touts $5.2B in 1H’2010, up 6.7% 25
6.2.2 Sinopec develop a 1.8-mil mt per year coal-based methanol to olefin (MTO) project in Henan 26
6.2.3 Sinopec says Yuanba gas field may rival Puguang 26
6.3 CNOOC 27
6.3.1 CNOOC makes senior management changes 27
6.4 Other Players in China 28
6.4.1 Changfeng reports 2Q financial results and acquisition of a 60% equity interest in Jiangxi Gaoan Huaneng Pipeline Gas Co. Ltd. 28
6.4.2 China Natural Gas branching out into liquefied natural gas market 29
6.4.3 Towngas’ sees H1 profit down 1.13% 31
6.4.4 China Resources Gas secures HK$1 bln worth of bank loan 31
6.4.5 Kunlun Energy first-half profit gains almost fourfold as crude prices soar 32
7.1 China launches national shale gas research centre 32
7.2 CBM to play an increasingly important role in China’s gas supply 33
7.3 The world’s largest aromatic hydrocarbon synthetic gas unit operation in the end of July 34
8.1 China LPG Apparent Consumption up 3.2% in Jul’2010 34
9. Project Development 36
9.1 PetroChina begins largest overseas Joint-Venture natural gas purification plant in Dazhou 36
9.2 Annual output of 200,000mt of Coal-liquefied Gas Project of Baicheng City 36
9.3 Uzbek firm says in gas deal talks with China 37
9.5 Turbine Truck Engines’ official in meetings with Chinese engineering experts on breakthrough technology 37
9.6 Statoil may seek own shale gas projects, expansion in China 37
9.7 China’s Daqing Oilfield Drilling Engineering wins natural gas contract in Mozambique 38
10. Others 39
10.1 China carbon-trading pilot places chosen for electricity, petrochemical & oil industries 39
10.2 PetroChina Qinzhou to change oil product supply pattern in South China 39

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