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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Refining Monthly Report-Dec’2010
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China Refining Monthly Report-Dec’2010 1
1 China Refining Topic New 6
1.1 China’s Daily Crude Throughput In Nov’2010 Sets Record High 6
1.2 China’s Nov’2010 crude imports swell 27.58% on month to 20.91-mil mt 7
1.3 China’s Commercial Crude Inventories Drop 3.4% End Oct’2010 7
1.4 Sinopec Sees China Oil Demand Growing 7
1.5 Major Chinese Refineries’ Refining Margins For Oman Crude Up On Lower Costs In Late Nov’2010 8
1.6 Stocktaking The Refining Projects In China From 2009 To 2013 8
1.7 Stockpiling May Boost China Oil Demand By 300,000 Barrels A Day In The Next Two Years 9
1.8 China Fuel Stocks In First Rise In 9 Months 9
1.9 China’s Distillate Inventories Fall 5.16% On Month In Oct’2010 10
1.10 China’s Nov’2010 Gasoline Output Down To 6.6-Mil Mt 11
1.11 N. China Still Ranks As China’s Top Gasoline Producer In Nov’2010 11
1.12 N. China - Diesel Wholesale Prices Mark Rational Drops In Bohai Bay Region 11
1.13 E. China - Sinopec, PetroChina Supply Diesel With No Rations In Retail Market In Eastern Coasts 12
1.14 Shaanxi In NW. China Starts To Popularize Methanol Gasoline 12
1.15 S. China’s Shenzhen To Popularize Gb Iv Vehicle-Use Gasoline From Jan 1, 2011 12
1.16 CNOOC Operates Not More Than 40 Petrol Stations In Bohai Bay, Far Below Target 13
1.17 China’s Fuel Oil Apparent Consumption In Jan-Oct’2010 Down 3% Yr To 28.77-Mil Mt 13
1.18 Fuel Oil Supply From S. China Refineries Estimated To Shrink 19% To 170,000mt In Dec 14
1.19 China’s Jan-Oct’2010 LPG Apparent Consumption Rises 2.65% Yoy To 19.1-Mil Mt 14
1.20 China’s Nov LPG Output Drops 2.54% On Month To 1.84-Mil Mt 15
1.21 Sinopec Supply 736,000mt Distillates To SW. China Via Pipeline In Dec, Up 4.4% Monthly 15
1.22 PetroChina To Start Construction Of 10-mil mt/Yr Lanzhou-Chengdu Crude Pipeline 16
1.23 China-Kazak Pipeline Jan-Nov Carries 9.08-mil mt Crude Oil To China 16
1.24 N. China’s Tianjin Port Ships Out 93,700mt Oil Products In Nov’2010, Up 30% Monthly 16
1.25 PetroChina To Ship 1.61-Mil Mt Of Distillates To S. China In Dec’2010, Up 2% Monthly 16
1.26 PetroChina Starts Operation Of 4.2-Mil-Cu-M Crude Storage In Guangxi 17
1.27 PetroChina To Build 1-Mil-Cu-M Crude Reserve Storage In SW. China’s Chengdu 17
1.28 Sinopec Crude Oil Storage Capacity Of Crude Oil Hits 31mln Cu.M 17
1.29 Sinopec Kicks Off Inner-Trade Bunker Business In Bohai Bay 17
1.30 Sinopec Strenuously Forges Ahead In Bonded Bunker Market 18
1.31 Fushun Mining Reduces Shale Oil Price By 2.64% To Yuan 4,796/Mt 19
1.32 Sinochem Tianjin Port Petrochemical Terminal To Start Operation Of 420,000-Cu-M Tank Farm On Dec 28, 2010 19
1.33 Taiwan Plans 8th Naphtha Refinery For China’s Haixi Economic Zone 19
1.34 China’s Refinery Deal Helps Cuba’s Oil Exploration 20
1.35 China Oil Supply-Demand Overview in Nov’2010 21
Jan-Nov’2010 China crude runs & oil products production: 21
Nov’2010 China crude runs & oil products production: 22
China’s Crude Throughput & oil Products Yield Rate in Jan-Nov’2010 (Unit: mil mt): 22
1.36 Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China & E. China over the past three months 23
Curve 1: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.66/113% or /117% 23
Curve 2: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in E. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.66/113% or /117% 24
2 Major Refineries 24
2. 1 Sinopec 24
2.1.1 Sinopec Expects To Refine 220-Mil Mt Of Crude In 2011, Up 8.4% Yearly 24
2.1.2 Sinopec To Cut Down Daily Crude Throughput By 3.31% In Dec’2010 24
2.1.3 Sinopec Raises Dec’2010 Naphtha Ex-Refinery Price By Yuan 280/Mt 25
2.1.4 E. China - Sinopec Shanghai Daily Crude Throughput Stable At 30,000mt In Dec’2010 25
2.1.5 E. China - Sinopec Zhenhai Crude Throughput Exceeds 20-mil mt By Mid-Dec’2010 25
2.1.6 E. China - Sinopec Zhenhai Up Daily LPG Supply By 18.5% On Ethylene Unit Maintenance 25
2.1.7 E. China – Sinopec Fujian Dec’2010 Crude Throughput Stable At 900,000mt 26
2.1.8 E. China -Sinopec Fujian Up Daily LPG Supply By 60% on Dec 2, 2010 26
2.1.9 S. China - Sinopec Guangzhou Dec’2010 Crude Throughput Down By 3% To 970,000mt 26
2.1.10 S. China - Sinopec Maoming Daily Crude Throughput Stable At 35,000mt In Dec’2010 26
2.1.11 S. China - Sinopec Dongxing Halts LPG Barge Sale On Loading Arm Failure 26
2.1.12 Central China - Sinopec Jiujiang To Refine 27% Less Crude Daily In Dec’2010 27
2.1.13 Central China - Sinopec Jiujiang To Halve LPG Output To 300-400mt/D In Dec’2010 27
2.1.14 Central China - Sinopec Wuhan To Consume 430,000mt Crude In Dec’2010 27
2.1.15 Central China - Sinopec Changling Up Daily Crude Throughput By 35% In Dec’2010 27
2.1.16 N. China - Sinopec Yanshan To Refine 980,000mt Crude In Dec’2010 28
2.1.17 N. China - Sinopec Qingdao Refinery Dec’2010 Crude Throughput Stable At 830,000mt 28
2.1.18 N. China - Sinopec Shandong To Sell 900,000mt Oil Products In Dec’2010 28
2. 2 CNPC (PetroChina) 28
2.2.1 PetroChina’s Daily Crude Throughput In Dec’2010 Stable At 404,000mt 28
2.2.2 S. China - PetroChina Qinzhou Refinery Dec’2010 Crude Throughput Stable At 700,000-750,000mt 29
2.2.3 SW. China - PetroChina Lanzhou Up Dec’2010 Crude Throughput By 18% To 930,000mt 29
2.2.4 NE. China - PetroChina Liaoyang Defers Start Of 4.5-mil mt/Yr CDU To Jan’11 29
2.2.5 NE. China - PetroChina Jinzhou Dec’2010 Crude Throughput Rebounds 13% To 600,000mt 30
2.2.6 NE. China - PetroChina Jinxi Dec’2010 Crude Throughput Stable At 420,000mt 30
2.2.7 NE. China - PetroChina Fushun Dec’2010 Daily Crude Throughput Stable At 21,000mt 30
2.2.8 NE. China - PetroChina Daqing Petrochemical To Refine 18,000mt Crude Daily In Dec’2010 30
2.2.9 NE. China - PetroChina Wepec To Halt LPG Production In Feb’11 On Turnaround 30
2.3 CNOOC 31
2.3.1 NE. China - CNOOC Yingkou Refinery In Liaoning Postpones Plan To Start Operation 31
2.3.2 E. China - CNOOC Taizhou Refinery Shuts Down Production For 15-Day Turnaround 31
2.4 Independent Refineries 31
2.4.1 The movement of Shandong Independent refineries from Nov 20 to Dec 20 31
2.4.2 Shandong Mulls Establishing Unified Refined Oil Brand For Independents 34
2.4.3 N. China - Shandong Lijin Petrochemical Starts Trail Run Of 300,000mt/Yr Gasoline Hydrogenation Unit 35
2.4.4 N. China - Shandong Changyi Petrochemical Down Daily Throughput By 70% On Feedstock Shortage 35
2.4.5 Shandong Jincheng Petrochemical Schedules Shutdown Maintenance In Late Nov’2010 35
2.4.6 NE. China - Yingkou Jiafu Petrochemical May Sell Refining And Storage Facilities 36
2.5 Other Refineries 36
2.5.1 NW. China - Yan’an Refinery Restarts 1.4-mil mt/Yr Hydrocracker, 1.2-mil mt/Yr Reformer 36
2.5.2 E. China - Jiangsu Jurong Petrochemical To Postpone Operation Of 1-mil mt/Yr RFCC Until Feb-Apr’11 36
2.5.3 E. China - Huachen Energy Shuts Down For Overhaul Due To Fire 36
2.5.4 E. China - US’s SJR Tests Naphthenic 2000L Base Oil Supply In E. China 37
2.5.5 SW. China - Sichuan Shengma Chemical To Start Constructing 1.2-mil mt/Yr Coker In 2011 37
2.5.6 Thinsoft (Holdings) To Take Over Foshan Ruifeng Petrochemical Fuel In Jan’11 37
2.6 Main China refineries’ Crude Runs and Run Rates in Nov’2010               Unit:10kt 39
2.7 Refinery Turnarounds 40
3  Policy, Regulation & Law 40
3.1 China Extends Oil And Gas Resource Tax To More Provinces 40
3.2 China To Keep No. 5-7 Fuel Oil Import Tariff Unchanged At 3% In 2011 41
3.3 China To Raise Import Tariff On Calcined Needle Petcoke From 1% To 3% In 2011 41
3.4 China To Keep Import Tariff On "Other Aromatics Compounds" Unchanged At 3% In 2011 42
3.5 China Gives Environmental Nod To Fuel Oil Blending Project In Guangdong 42
3.6 China’s Private Refineries Blame Oil Shortage On Monopoly 43
3.7 SPEX Expected To Start Spot LPG Trading In Dec 44
4 China Oil Products Import & Export 44
4.1 China’s Dec’2010 Fuel Oil Imports Estimated Down 4% To 1.54-Mil Mt 44
4.2 China’s Oct’2010 Fuel Oil Imports Up 29.7% On Demand From Small Refineries 45
4.3 China Raises Petroleum Product Imports By 29.41% On Month In Nov’2010 45
4.4 Gasoline Export Revenue Much Lower Than Sales In China On Price Drops In Singapore 45
4.5 China Estimated To Cut Down Nov’2010 Fuel Oil Imports By 6% 46
4.6 S. China Dec’2010 Fuel Oil Imports Estimated To Plunge 31% To 250,000-300,000mt 46
4.7 S. China Nov’2010 Fuel Oil Imports Estimated Up 33% To 300,000-350,000mt 46
4.8 China Oct’2010 Gasoline Exports Slip 3% On Month To 374,948mt 46
4.9 Sinopec, PetroChina Receive First Batches Of 115,000mt Imported Diesel In Total 47
4.10 China Diesel Imports Jump To 150,000 MT In Nov’2010 47
4.11 Sinopec To Export From S. China 153,000mt Of Distillates In Dec’2010, Up 26% 47
4.12 China Oct’2010 Naphtha Imports Fall 7% On Month To 218,111mt 48
4.13 OIL DATA: Oil Products Imports & Exports in China in Oct’2010 48
5 Jan-Nov’2010 China Data 49
5.1 Nov’2010 Crude Oil Production in China      Unit: KMt 49
5.2 Nov’2010 China Refineries on Crude Throughput      Unit: KMt 50
5.3 Nov’2010 China Refineries on Gasoline/Gas Oil production   Unit: KMt 51
5.4 Nov’2010 China Refineries on Kerosene & Fuel Oil production   Unit: KMt 52
5.5 Nov’2010 China Refineries on LPG & Asphalt production      Unit: KMt 53
5.6 Nov’2010 China Refineries on Lubricating Grease & Solvent Naphtha production      Unit: KMt 54
5.7 Nov’2010 China Refineries on Naphtha & Petroleum Coke production      Unit: KMt 55
5.8 Nov’2010 China Refineries on Ethylene & Pure benzene  production      Unit: KMt 56

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