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SZ China Report: Full and deep view of China oil, gas & petrochemical market.
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SZ China Refining Monthly Report-Feb’2011
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China Refining Monthly Report-Feb’2011 1
Please see ’’’’ for more detailed information about China oil, gas & petrochemical industry. 4
1 China Refining Topic News 5
1.1 China’s Crude Apparent Consumption Hits Historic-High 440-Mil Mt In 2010 5
1.2 China’s Crude Throughput For Dec’10 Hits Historic-High 38.72-Mil Mt 5
1.3 Sinopec Feb Daily Crude Throughput Stable At Historic-High 591,000mt 5
1.4 Sinopec’s 2010 Crude Throughput Rises 13% Yearly To 211-Mil Mt 6
1.5 Refining Margins For Major Chinese Refineries Further Shrink On Soft Product Prices 6
1.6 China’s Commercial Crude Inventories Inch Up 0.5% In Dec 6
1.7 S. China Commercial Fuel Oil Inventory Slightly Declines To 1.81-Mil Mt Till Feb 9 7
1.8 S. China Commercial Fuel Oil Inventory Rises To Historic-High 1.84-Mil Mt till Jan 26 7
1.9 China’s Distillate Stockpiles Up 8.9% On Month In Dec 2010 7
1.10 China To Expect Ampler Base Oil Supplies In Feb-Mar 8
1.11 PetroChina Halts Base Oil Spot Supplies In Feb 2011 8
1.12 Bullish Sentiment Prevails In China Base Oil Market, Demand Not Recover Yet 9
1.13 China’s 2010 Fuel Oil Apparent Consumption Declines 0.2% Yearly To 34.27-Mil Mt 9
1.14 Jan 2011 Fuel Oil Prices In E. China Up 0.8% On Month Due To Higher Costs 10
1.15 E. China Boosts Fuel Oil Output By 83% Yearly In Dec’10 10
1.16 S. China Jan Average Ex-Terminal Price Of M/C HSFO Up Tad To Yuan 4,561/Mt 10
1.17 Spot-Futures Arbitrage Window Of Fuel Oil Again Opens Amid Rising Of SHFE On Feb 1 10
1.18 Spot-Futures Arbitrage Margin Of Fuel Oil Fall Below Minus Yuan 100/Mt On Falling Of  SHFE On Jan 26 11
1.19 China’s 2010 Gasoline Apparent Consumption Rises 5.1% To 71.587-Mil Mt 11
1.20 Gasoline Sales In Zhejiang Province Soar In Jan. 11
1.21 China Major Refineries Plan To Improve Vehicle-Use diesel To GB III Standard Jul 1 11
1.22 China’s diesel Apparent Consumption In 2010 Up 12% 12
1.23 China Supplies 2.92-Mil Mt Of Jet To International Flight In 2010, Up 26% Yearly 12
1.24 S. China Ranks As China’s Top Kerosene Producer In 2010 12
1.25 China’s LPG Output Reaches 21.1-Mil Mt In 2010, Up 9.34% Yearly 12
1.26 PetroChina Hikes Feb Naphtha Ex-Refinery Price By Yuan 151/Mt 13
1.27 Sinopec Lifts Feb Naphtha Ex-Refinery Price By Yuan 140/Mt 13
1.28 China’s 2010 Ethylene Output Rises 32% Yearly To 14.19-Mil Mt 13
1.29 Zhoushan Century Pacific Petrochemical’s 480,000-Cu-M Oil Terminal Ready To Serve 13
1.30 Fuel Oil Shipping Impacted By Frozen Ports In China Bohai Bay 13
1.31 Ningbo Port To Put Two Oil Jetties Into Operation In H2’11 14
1.32 BP Zhuhai Renamed As Zhuhai Longhua Petrochemical 14
1.33 Pipeline Leakage May Impose Few Impacts On Oil Product Supply In SW. China 14
1.34 Sinopec (Hong Kong) May Bring On Stream 2.08-Mil-Cu-M Bonded Oil Terminal In Hainan In 2012 15
1.35 Tianjin Likely To Add 60,000 Cu M Of Fuel Oil Storage In Mid’11 15
1.36 Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China & E. China over the past three months (China cuts Tariff on propane and butane by 3 percentage points to 2%, effective on Jan 1, 2011.) 16
Curve 1: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in S. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.59/113% or /117% 16
Curve 2: Gasoline/Gas Oil Vs LPG prices in E. China over the past 3 months: US$/6.59/113% or /117% 16
2 Major Refineries 16
2. 1 Sinopec 16
2.1.1 S. China - Sinopec Guangzhou To Cut Daily Crude Throughput By 14% In Feb 16
2.1.2 N. China - Sinopec Qilu To Refine 5% More Crude Daily In Mar 2011 17
2.1.3 N. China - Sinopec Qingdao Refinery Sees Stagnant Barge Sales Of LPG 17
2.1.4 Central China - Sinopec Luoyang Feb Daily Crude Throughput Stable At 20,000mt 17
2.1.5 Central China - Sinopec Changling Feb Daily Crude Throughput Stable At 15,000mt 17
2.1.6 Central China - Sinopec Wuhan Feb Daily Crude Throughput Steady 14,000mt 18
2.1.7 E. China - Sinopec Shanghai Up Secondary Conversion Capacity By 30-40% By 2013 18
2.1.8 E. China - Sinopec Yangzi’s Expansion Project Passes Environmental Assessment 18
2.1.9 E. China - Sinopec Gaoqiao To Resume Normal LPG Supply On Jan 26 2011 18
2. 2 CNPC (PetroChina) 19
2.2.1 NE. China - PetroChina Daqing Petrochemical Mar Crude Consumption Steady At 550,000mt 19
2.2.2 NE. China - PetroChina Fushun To Record 6% Less Crude Run Daily In Feb On Blast 19
2.2.3 NW. China - PetroChina Lanzhou May Bring On Stream 3.5-mil mt/Yr Diesel Hydrogenation Unit Within 2011 19
2.2.4 NW. China - PetroChina Dushanzi Feb Daily Crude Throughput Stable At 27,000mt 20
2.3 CNOOC 20
2.3.1 CNOOC Taizhou To Cut Bituminous Feedstock Supply By 30,000-40,000mt 20
2.4 Independent Refineries 20
2.4.1 The movement of Shandong Independent refineries from Jan 20 to Feb 20, 2011 20
2.4.2 The movement of Guangdong Independent refineries from Jan 20, 2011 to Feb 20, 2011 22
2.4.3 Shandong Jingbo Petrochemical To Revamp Gas Fractionation Units On Feb 24 23
2.6 Main China refineries’ Crude Runs and Run Rates in Feb’2011               Unit:10kt 24
2.7 Refinery Turnarounds 25
3 Policy, Regulation & Law 26
3.1 China raises fuel prices 4-4.5 percent from Feb 20 to trim demand 26
3.2 NDRC Raises Jet Fuel Oil Price, Airline Stocks Under Pressure 26
3.3 CNPC Signed An Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Guangxi For Qinzhou Refinery 27
3.4 China NDRC’s New M&A Rules Won’t Affect Openness 27
3.5 China To Conduct Checks Of Agriculture-Related Prices In Rural Regions 27
4 China Oil Products Import & Export 28
4.1 China’s Jan Crude Imports Hit 4-Month High 28
4.2 S. Korea Boost CFR China Base Oil Prices By Us$50-70/Mt In Feb 28
4.3 Exxonmobil Lift CFR China Base Oil Prices By US$20-60/Mt On Feb 1 28
4.4 S. China’s Feb Fuel Oil Imports Estimated To Fall 13% On Month To 300,000-350,000mt 29
4.5 S. China’s Fuel Oil Imports To Decline 3% in Jan To 350,000-400,000mt 29
4.6 China’s Fuel Oil Imports For Dec’10 Climb 3% On Month To 2.03-Mil 29
4.7 E. China Becomes Second Largest Fuel Oil Importer In 2010, Surpassing S. China 30
4.8 China Fuel Oil Freight Rates Remain High Amid Tight Shipping Capacity 30
4.9 Feb CFR Shandong Premium For Venezuelan Fuel Oil Up On Strong Demand 30
4.10 Three VLCC Cargoes Of Venezuelan Fuel Oil To Reach China In Mar 31
4.11 China Exports 5.17-Mil Mt Of Gasoline In 2010, Up 4.61% Yearly 31
4.12 S. Korea Ranks As China’s Top diesel Supplier In 2010 31
4.13 Japan Still Largest Receiver Of China’s Naphtha Exports In 2010 31
4.14 OIL DATA: Oil Products Imports & Exports in China in Dec’2010 32

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